10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


i always thought complications like “never spotted” and “no bodies found” were pointless. you need those two conditions for SA anyway.

then there are those contracts that make you hide the body even if all targets died in accidents or with poison. ugh


Adding this currently kinda fixes the SA bug where trespassing does not count against you.

Adding this is useful in Sniper contracts with not very isolated targets. You have a more reliable source which kill ruined your score.


And at that moment, I would try again. I don’t know, let’s call it a weak-mindness for lack of better word, but when I play a game, any game, I’m always trying to play as best as I can. If the game tells me I can be better, I usually ignore it. If the game tells me I HAVE to be better, I’m doing it again and trying to get better. As good, as the game expects me to be. That’s the difference. It’s really up to the player and how the contract is built whether or not that’s gonna frustrating or not.

If the contract has every auto-fail complication imaginable, then it will suck. But if the auto-fail complications are selected and implemented nicely (the 5 minutes in The 5 Minute Fiasco or the cameras in The Ghost of Whittleton Creek), then it - basically - subverts your expectations and your normal playstyle. Some people play this game so much they have memorized every single thing on every map. These conditions throw a nice curveball and force you to change the playstyle. Suddenly it’s not about run - pistol distract - run - headshot - run to the exit. Suddenly, you can’t shoot anything but the target. It completely changes everything. If it would be optional, people thinking like me would not get much out of it. And if you want SA, you’d have to change the playstyle anyway, whether or not the complication is optional or not.

I think there is a solution to this entire problem. Any auto-fail condition would not end the run, and as soon as you’d finish the contract, you’d get nothing. The contract isn’t complete, no time on leaderboards, no XP, nothing. You plain and simple failed it. But it won’t stop you entirely, so that you can still experiment and do stuff…

EDIT: Alternatively, the contract could have a “test run” mode where the same thing would happen - no condition would end the run - but you’d from the very beginning knew that you get nothing for the completion. This is where the experimantion and training could come from. And when you’re prepared for everything, you do it perfectly in the normal run with all its complication in full glory.


While yes, it would be, it wouldn’t work in my contract because it’s got a No Pacification requirement.

I didn’t make it optional, I’m sorry to add :pensive: Hope people enjoy it nonetheless! Looking forward to see some runs and try the other contracts myself ! :slight_smile:


It is optional, playing it now :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, great! I’m smarter than I thought :partying_face:


But imo, you lose a big part of that puzzle by providing a “cheat sheet” by allowing players to see who saw them, etc etc.

And I don’t really care for non-SA players unless it’s a blind run.

And as I’ve said before, there’s still lots of other contracts to be played. Not every one of them need to go through a cookie cutter machine. Don’t like it, move on.


While I can see your point, I wouldn’t like it if featured contracts are impossible to get SA on.


Then your contracts are nothing for the apparent majority of the players. You might want to reconsider submitting them to be featured.

My general statement (because I don’t want to derail any further) is, if someone doesn’t bother to do my puzzle by failing the objectives I give to them, I don’t think the experience is better if I force them to do that.

Sure I am open for more discussions, but then write me a PM.


I agree wholeheartedly with this. You can’t cater for the non-SA crowd, because they don’t play for the same things the people who actually appreciate contracts do. It’s their choice not to bother with it, and it’s incredibly difficult to make a contract that’s hard to complete even non SA.



My first ever featured contract. Thanks, IOI, and thanks, @Silverballer, for informing me. :slight_smile:

My contract is simple as hell (simpler than I intended it to be), but it’s great for anyone who wants to wrack up completions on their way to their next unlock, and I am pretty proud of the briefing.




Side note on Featured contracts, I do wish that when I create a contract that it actually records my time and rating. I hate that I have to play it again just so it gets in the “leaderboard.”


I think it’s good, as it forces you to play the contract just like how others play it.
In Creator Mode you get more freedoms. Untagging corpses you killed as a target seems to me to be something exploitable for example.


That’s totally fair, I just notice that sometimes I’ll play a contract and my score/time is the only one on the leaderboard. It would still be nice to compare that stat to the creator’s stat.


@Franz Not only that, but as far as I know, you can enable complications that even you yourself failed when creating the contract. So you could potentially create literally uncompletable contract, and still “somehow” have a time on leaderboards.

I’d rather have an option to update the contract after publishing it. Even if it’s only before anyone plays it. Some typos in briefing or just updating the complications would be nice.


Handyman wrench unlock is bugged here is a thread on the Hitman reddit about it pls patch this.


Yeah i hate those too i wish we didn’t have to hide the body if it was not a suspicious kill,also i hope people stop making featured contracts that are just generic npc’s that NEVER move, like the stylist one in paris added today.They are pointless and not fun I want targets that i can case by following them like the excellent contract with the constant and the butler,props to whoever made that one i enjoyed playing it.


this was honestly a good contract.


Eh? I’m guessing you didn’t play the contract for more than one minute. The Paris stylist contact is brilliant. Apart from one of the targets they all move and it takes a lot of skill to manipulate them into the right place. That’s why the body hiding complication works so well and makes the contract interesting and challenging.