10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


Yeah i think that is why when you select “report contract” It lets you tag a contract as “not complete-able or broken”.


Exactly the problem one target NEVER moves it made the ending lame i did however kill the other actually moveable targets stealthily which was cool.


Between work and seeing friends, I haven’t been able to play them yet, but regarding the complications, I personally am not a fan of them if they feel unnecessarily frustrating, but I do want the contracts to reflect the creator’s intent.


But she becomes the pivot (fixed point) around which you design your run. The same argument about targets being static could be made about the butler. He never leaves that room. He just moved between three fixed points all within close proximity. The timing of when to take down that fixed female target is the real challenge. She’s an easy kill, but being tempted to go after her at the wrong time will cause you to lose critical opportunities on the others. That’s what makes her inclusion in the contract so clever.


Yeah, as far as rewards go, I wish they had made SA optional for Elusive Targets and mandatory for Featured Contracts. It would make so much more sense. But it’s the reverse.

I have so much more content in this game to do before I’ll get to these contracts. They look fun though.


Its okay if YOU enjoyed it, I do not like stationary targets they come off as lazy, but to each his own i just like having MULTIPLE options not “one way distractions”.Also the butler can be moved look up leap of faith trophy lol


[Edit: This reply was to someone complaining how you can tick off contracts for challenges without fulfilling all conditions]Who cares. This is a good thing. I play interesting contracts over and over and try to get best times and SA rating, but the featured ones that are tied to unlocks only partially fall under “interesting” for me. So I’m glad I can if I want to just tick them off for the wrench.

Some that initially seemed hard were actually very interesting, like Whittleton Creek and blindfolded Sgail. But others are not my taste at all. The static targets in Paris were way easier than the models circulating to the catwalk and not caring for coins.


I removed the post, I thought it was something else.
I didnt know you could get SA without doing the optional objective

Edit: seems like they still dont


@David47’s Closure (0:44)


:smile: Great job!

The employees at that café have no sensory awareness. Working 10-hour shifts has turned them into zombies.


Yeah I noticed they didn’t see me either but the bodyguard on the right side of the bar enterance would spot me every time through the bushes and wall when i would try to wire garrote (I’m on PS4). The A.i is just kinda wonky like that but i stil love this game


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@Yellow_ZR1: I really liked this one. So many decisions had to be made and each one had an advantages / disadvantages.

The Ghost of Whittleton Creek (2.10)

@Silverballer: Very nice. I got to use one of my new favourite unlocks: Remote EMP Charge. Such a versatile piece of kit and perfect for a contract like this.


@SilentAssassin47 Thank you very much, I appreciate it!


Ghost of Whittleton creek was amazing at first i thought “oh no not 5 targets with a no pacify” but then i started to play it and was immediately sucked in,the targets were thoughtfully placed and it had a perfect stealth feel to it without being frustrating by targets being out in the public open areas full of crowds. Excellent work @Silverballer.


Wow, didn’t even anticipate the use of the fumigator! Very nice strategy, I like it. Honestly, I thought only the incesticids could be put in th fumigator, so that opens up a lot of routes inside Cassidy’s house.

Also thank you very much @SilentAssassin47!


A lot of 10 hour shifts across the maps going on in this game then, @David47. :wink:

If you time it right you can wire dude and leave him to putrify for SA every time.


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I don’t actually make much use of the trick I discuss here, but by bumping the models who go to the catwalk you can reset their AI and send them back to their idle point. This works fantastically for breadcrumb luring the female model as she basically walks in such a way as to lure herself into a corner. I also learned the exact point at which you can pick up a coin an NPC is going for to move them on to the next coin as quickly as possible, which I also do not show off here because I need to have some “secret” techniques. :stuck_out_tongue: Ceiling lures are also possible but the gunshot has to strike pretty much directly above the NPC and nearby guards will override it too often for it to be especially useful. I’m sure if you can figure out a distraction chain you can pull it off though.

Other No Mastery videos are in the works, just have to process and upload them all. In an interesting twist, every contract in this pack can be completed from default start and loadout. This includes The Five Minute Fiasco from a no loadout start and smuggle point in the parking garage (a “true” no mastery Miami run, so to speak). Except the Fiber Wire is bugged and can’t be put in a large smuggle point or briefcase… fortunately both Measuring Tape and Fishing Line can, so until the bug is fixed we’ll just pretend those are Fiber Wire.

I don’t think it’s timing, but rather the distance from the target when you initiate the garrote. If you’re as far away as possible it seems to work almost every time, sometimes without even a whiff of suspicion.




You used a completely different route than I have in my contract (Measure Twice, Kill Thrice). But you still used the exactly same distractions and methods to kill the targets. So I’m really glad how that turned out. The plan from the very beginning was to force the players to get into the caves without any disguise and without being spotted (which forces you to take less obvious paths), which should make you feel vulnerable, force you to explore the caves and use the distractions within. Pretty much perfectly done, on your part, with some close calls, just like intended. Hopefully it felt a little intimidating at first, but made you felt awesome once you discover the “obvious” paths :slight_smile: