10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


I don’t understand anything, dark image


It comes with the disguise. Because of the blindfold 47 needs to rely on his instinct. It appears the only thing he really uses his eyes for is perceiving color :wink:


entertainer disguise acts as if you were using instinct the entire time, that’s why it is dark.


If you don’t complete them the complications are not available to pick. The only “exploit” that a creator has while making a contract is their ability to remove a previously marked target. You can’t do thinks like “suit only” or “no bodies found” unless you actually meet those conditions

The game lets you reduce some conditions (such as changing poison syringe down to “any poison”) but never increase into a status you didn’t achieve


Not this why. It’s kind of blacked out, because there is bandage around eyes in Artists’ disguise :slight_smile:


Question guys, do featured contracts count towards to complete 10 contracts trophy? heard mixed answers


Congratulations to the 2/3 ‘Down to the Wire’ contracts that got featured. Mine can just sit here, bitter & alone :wink:


Featured Contracts is a thing for completing which, you can unlock some equipment and get challenges done.
Popular, Own, Most popular, etc does not count.
You have to do exactly Featured Contracts


No not for the challenges that unlock the measuring tape etc. Im referring to the PS trophy where you have to complete 10 contracts.

\ 56x56 Contract Assassin
Complete 10 Contracts.


Really liked your run by the way! An interesting choice for a “lockpick” and way of distracting the morgue raiders :slight_smile: Very fast route as well!
I’ll post my run of it next week in case nobody else made footage of the approach I had in mind :slight_smile:


Hey thanks man, i appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:
If you have more contracts like this (Or just reallly difficult to SA) let me know.


i barely do Fiber Wire contracts but this one was quite good tbh, only thing is that i wish you could do something more interesting with the 2nd target, other than that good contract bud.


You mean the cellist? Yeah, close combat attacks don’t work when she’s seated and she seems pretty committed to remaining seated. The restriction made her an interesting target to me, as there are not many NPCs like her, but I can see how it can be seen as the inverse.
Maybe an explosion that will blow her clean off the cliff? :-p


Hi Clemens. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Aw I shied him away. Sorry :frowning:


Ah, ok.
I don’t know about this, but it should be count since these are contracts


Hey all! So, apparently, the Handyman Wrench is a little shy, and won’t show up when you complete the 15 featured contracts. We are aware of this, and we’ll make sure it gets un-shy and comes with the next game update… (aka It’s a bug, and we’re fixing it :heart: )




Right, so here’s all the Featured Contracts done with no mastery, with commentary on each. The Sgail contracts have a few somewhat sketchy methods, but I tried to make things as foolproof as possible in general.

Intern Stylist
Down to the Wire (SA47)
The 5 Minute Fiasco
Measure Twice, Kill Thrice
Constant Worries
The Ghost of Whittleton Creek
Delving Into the Heart of Darkness
Down to the Wire (Franz)


Awesome Contract Franz. Really enjoyed it! The no pacifications rule really made things interesting!


Stuck on “Measure Twice, Kill thrice”. Instafail is indeed hardcore. @Nakar I’ll be following your guide I think