10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


Don’t be sad, man! I’ve played every PS4 entry in the submission thread, yours took me quite some time to figure out how to do, thinking whether to end race faster or let it done naturally. And eventually ending up knocking everybody out in the Kawoon garage! :slight_smile:


How many bugs the game has?


Last count, I found two.


Thanks, that made my day :slight_smile:

There’s always next time


I’ve gotta say, this has been far more enjoyable than almost all non-curated FC batches from last year. I think having a theme, as long as it is announced well in advance, is an excellent way to build interest in contracts and I think it produces better and more coherent contract batches. I was sceptical at first, but as long as they can keep coming up with decent ideas then it’ll be better than last season.


Would have loved to see the uncut live version! You looked pretty annoyed at the start of the last mission and I would have loved to see why :smiley: Nice run!


Ya, agreed. Uncut versions are better imo.


Lol yes. First because i was thinking about on how the music in that area where you begin gives you a copyright, so when you have a copyright you can’t download your own video from the video manager, so i was thinking on how i was gonna to download the video for the final cut. Second because when a finally made it to the last target, i forgot about the pacification and fucked up. Third because i still didn’t knew how to pass through the kitchen. Fourth because i was not only playing back and white because of that disguise, but i also muted the sound effects to avoid the copyright (seems like that worked tho). I’m gonna add the unlisted stream at the end of video description if you wanna see it :slight_smile:


If you have a good smartphone, there’s a third party app called Tweakbox. From there you can download Cerube YouTube or YouTube++. Both can download vids for free up to 4k res. Then all you have to do is transfer to your PC for edit.

I use Cerube as the UI is a bit better.

And yes, add it to your description. I’d like to watch it too for my contract. :grin:


Hey man thanks for the info!

I just added the unlisted stream video couple of posts above (last 2 hours or so)


So, there was supposed to be an unlock for 15 FCs, but it isn’t there (yet). How about giving the brown leather briefcase as an unlock. The one you can find in the levels?!


Where is this?

I’ve found the black leather briefcase in the levels, and that is unlockable.

Nonetheless, brown leather is a good idea


Look at the map, as there is a briefcase icon (on any map, except training), it will be this one. They also showed it in the Undying briefing, and it was in C47, so why not add it?



Isn’t that black though? You can unlock it by doing “The Classics” challenges on master difficulty for the H2 missions


pretty sure it’s a very dark brown. i think the unlock and the one found in levels are the same thing


The unlock is titled as black, but it’s definitely ambiguous-looking.

Easily my favorite briefcase to take, although probably mostly because of the effort involved to unlock it


could you take a screenshot of the inventory name of the in-level briefcase?


That video made my day :smiley: Laughed so hard whenever you said “kitchen” like you had to go through hell.


Down To The Wire (by SilentAssassin47)

0:00 Suit Only (3.59) / 4:50 Speed-run (2.47)

@SilentAssassin47: I enjoying being able to do this a couple of ways with, of course, no knockouts. This should have been called Beauty and The Beast. :rofl:


Aw man, you can’t be insulting Andrea like that