10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


Hey, just because I lost my regular status, doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am talking about @cakeblock941 and @Agent.Smith . The unlockable on is black, and this one is brown. I have proof

At 1 minute in, it is definitely black, not dark brown. And it says BLACK leather suitcase. The brown one just says LEATHER.

And in this one, the lighting is better so here you go:


@bjojo you are correct! That baby is brown!

@cakeblock941 for reference


So now we can agree it has to become unlockable


Am I going crazy, or was there originally an unlock attached to the “Complete 15 Featured Contracts” challenge? I could have sworn that there was one when they were first added to the game…

Makes me want to not hit the 15 threshold just yet to make life easier if it’s just a bug.


it’s a bug. there was a wrench. will be added last week of this month


Victimize (1.54)

@ArjabRoy: This was a real beauty. So many possibilities. :+1:


Thanx a lot bud, your run is crazy good :muscle::pray:


These are some very good contracts. Well done everybody.
4/10 done (Paris, 2x Santa Fortuna & Whittleton Creek)
Im looking fwrd to play those in Mumbai & Sgail.

I got 3 stars in Paris. They wouldn’t follow my coins lol.
@Euler13 Im taking your strategy and bumping them 100times next try hahaha



Nice contract, @immadummee47. I played it earlier, and I almost completed it, but I messed up getting the final target – the guy on the roof. Not sure where I’m going to hide his body. There didn’t seem like an obvious place given the no-knockouts rule, but I’ll try again later.


We need to see every contract uncut :smiley:


“Laws are like sausages, It’s better not to see them being made…” Otto von Bismarck

I guess the same applies for my contracts, but oh well


@ArjabRoy’s Victimize (1:38)

Nice contract; hopefully the trespassing gets patched back to how it used to be at some point soon.


The 5 minute fiasco is by far one of the worst contracts I ever had the misfortune to play in my entire life. Something like this absolutely doesn’t deserve to be in the featured contracts list. Extremely strict timing with an auto fail complication, poor selection of targets, very very small room for possibilities and terribly restrictive complications. Feels like something designed exclusively for the top 10 speedrunners in the world.

If there was a thumbs down feature for Contracts, I’d make two alternate accounts to give that one a fat thumbs down.


The only one that’s victimized is the contract creator with that trespass. :confounded: @Euler13 still winning. :joy:


Ya that’s the beauty behind the hide bodies. That’s ehy I added it. Not adding it makes it too easy to kill all the targets. :grin:


What a bizarre comment.


I always speak the truth, Baby! :kissing_heart:


Meh, as in the text underneath the run, hopefully they patch it soon and fix a lot of the other things currently wrong with the game.

For what it’s worth I had a couple of runs where the head turn on the guard was to the wall and I still got spotted. Don’t blame the player, etc.


I always blame the player. It’s like you’re saying, don’t blame the shooter when they have a gun in their hand. So the gun went out and shot 20 ppl? Ya, no. :man_facepalming:

Such a bizarre logic, as you put it so well. :wink: