10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


i’m not the biggest fan of dummee but he’s right in that. it’s silly to upload a run like that when in the future (if it gets fixed) it won’t work. also it’s even more silly when you know it’s a bug.


Can be done in half the time, 5 min is more than enough.

Autofail is always bad tho


@o_O - If it helps get it fixed or shed more light on it, then it’s worth it in my opinion.

@immadummee47 - Whatever you say, baby.

As much as I’ve enjoyed this brief conversation, I’m off for a week of winter sun. Have fun while I’m gone. :hearts:


Must second this. It was confirmed to be a bug that is being worked on.
It would be even worse if you set an unbeatable time once it got fixed. Sad for the players after that, and sad for the contract creator.

I kind of withheld some contract ideas because I dislike to add an optional “Do not get spotted” complication only to fix a bug. I surely would not be happy if the contracts I post would be done with the bug, especially if it is a featured one is put an extra load of work into.


Awesome dude. Enjoy!!


Delving Into The Heart Of Darkness (3.37)

@immadummee47: Definitely my kind of contract. I very much enjoyed this. :+1:


Ill stream that one tonight maybe <3


Good job. I liked your running back and forth strat. :+1:
And glad it was a contract you enjoyed.



I should have probably add the “never spotted” requirement to my contract in retrospect. Big part of the challenge revolves around that but I already saw two runs on YT that obtained SA by not caring about having been found trespassing, one of them a WR.

I don’t hold it against them. It’s an exploitable thing in the game, and calling it a feature or a bug won’t change people using it to get better scores. It’s fair game. But as the creator I do admit that I much more enjoy watching runs that follow the old rule :slight_smile: There’s a very riskless way (though not fast) to play it without relying on RNG or luck and I think some people who enjoy the puzzle aspect of Hitman games might get a kick out of figuring that out, but watching the speed runs with those, to me, magical gunshot distractions has been great as well!


Great contract, my favorite on this batch. Well chosen targets, clever complications and all complications optional :+1: good job


Nice runs from the ones I’ve seen. @Fortheseven did it on stream and I saw the replay. He got about 2:40, iirc. Here’s my 2:33. So that means I’m better than him now? :thinking::joy::joy::joy:

Edit: and stupid me, when I made the contract (with this run) I didn’t even know there was a key on the table for the basement exit. I purposely chose the npc that wasn’t carrying it to prevent that exit and force exfiltration. Ah well.


Ghost of Whittleton Creek - SA - 1:50 (without fumigator use)


Measure Twice, Kill Thrice (3.27)

@Honzas4400: This was a fun contract with well chosen targets. The temptation was to subdue a bunch of non-targets, but I was really pleased to persevere and figure out a no knockout route.

By the way, is anyone else enjoying the now visible fibre wire as much as me? Please thank the team for working on this, @Clemens_IOI. It might be a small thing, but it really enhances the experience.


Congratulations to everyone on their Featured Contracts!

I am through seven of them so far, each with their own challenges to overcome. Managed SA on some, some just…not…yet. For me, a couple have been infuriating and aggravating, whether through a punch glitch, the AI just not cooperating :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, and plain old “my own darn fault”. It is nice to see such a variety to fit all kinds of different playstyles.

For me, one has stuck out and I wanted to give a special thanks to @SilentAssassin47 for creating it. While they all have levels of replayability and variety of approach, for me, Down To The Wire (By SilentAssassin47) has had the most, and I have had a blast playing it again and again. Yes, the kill method is Fiber Wire, yet you can do it so many different ways. Start with Hector, start with Andrea, use the suit, use a disguise, wire her upstairs, poison her drink and wire her in the bathroom, etc.

Again, I am not trying to knock any other contract’s replayability, just simply offering an extra kudos for this one in particular, because I had the most fun doing it and then doing it again. Each time learning something new, getting better, and then finding the approach that was easily repeatable, and tweaking it.

Thanks again, and here is one of my better runs at it.


And The Showstopper can be finished in about 40 seconds if you are crazy fast. Doesn’t mean a 1:00 timer complication would be a good idea.

The moment I saw the topmost guy in the leaderboard on PS4 had only a 2:59 record for the 5 min fiasco, I knew this was going to be a painfully restrictive contract with overtly strict methods of completion.

I have played a couple of time related contracts that were really fun, like a puzzle which looks difficult initially but instantly clicks with you once you figure out the solution. This was not one of them…


The whole batch is fiber wire themed, ofcourse the killing methods are restricted, just like the other 9 contracts. Other than that it’s not restrictive at all: you can use any disguise you want, you are allowed to change disguises and you can start where ever you want; lots of different viable starting points. And the 5 minute timer is more than enough.


Glad you liked it. As I mentioned few times earlier, the main point of the contract was to force players to explore the caves in a suit without being seen (ie. be in place they don’t really have much reasons to be in the normal mission), and encourage the use of distraction. Thrown objects, generators, peek-a-boo, anything at the player’s disposal. Nicely done with the run :slight_smile:


Has anyone studied and figured out The Constant’s routines? I’m trying to do the Constant Worries contract suit only. I am starting in the keep and I am able to take out the butler and the architect quite efficiently in my suit, but it seems that The Constant stands at that display room dome almost indefinitely. If I stay in the keep, then he will eventually come across, but it’s almost two minutes of waiting time. Are there any other triggers?

Also I’ve noticed that Marek (the architect guy) seems to ignore distractions if there are any enforcers nearby. The only distraction spot I’ve found is near the big head statue. You can lure him into the nearby room with a thrown object or into the bathroom by turning on the radio, but anywhere else and he sends someone else to investigate.

Any ideas?


At the very start of the mission he walks down from the penthouse to the showroom, but he never goes back up there again. There are a couple places you can grab him if you get there fast, like the stairs.

Edit: Didn’t realise you were doing suit only. Well, you may still be able to catch him from the keep start point, but you’d have to move really fast.