10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


The Constant’s movements are heavily scripted. He will try to wander toward areas where you are in order to initiate scripted conversations (with the Washingtons, with Constantin, with Block, etc.). Provided you get to the Tower and don’t kill Constantin too quickly he should path into it by himself even after Constantin is dead. Going near Jebediah Block also seems to trigger the Constant to come talk to him. When he goes toward Block, he passes through that little sitting room where one can lure Marek Sinclair. Perhaps it’d be possible to trigger him to head for Block, go do something else, then intercept him in that room? I’m not sure when exactly the Constant is “locked in” to his destination, but it does seem as though once he’s reached a certain point of progression toward one he will not stop and go elsewhere. I’ve seen him head for the Tower long after I’ve left it due to starting there, for instance.


Measure Twice, Kill Thrice - 3:20



@immadummee47: Nice contract. :+1:


Nice work @Parsime. Fantastic use of distractions.
I was able to cut off more time now that Euler made me realize there’s a key in the room. Lol.



beep boop.


Thanks @Silverballer and @Nakar for the feedback. I finally managed to pull off a suit only run with my usual standards of no knockouts. I’m chuffed to bits with how well this worked out.

Constant Worries - Suit Only (3.18)


image https://media.giphy.com/media/eHpWHuEUxHIre/giphy.gif


My contract was not featured. But I want to see in what different ways you guys complete this.
There are multiple ways to approach this.

Name of Contract : The Original Five
Contract ID : 1-21-1128808-39


In relation to the unlock (Wrench) I’ve not completed any of these contracts yet, I sit on 6 so far am I better off waiting at 14/15 until the update or completing all 10? or is there no difference.



Hello everyone,

Decided to release an “official” walkthrough of my featured contract (Down to the Wire in Sgail). I understand it’s not everybody’s favorite (on YT it was repeatedly called the worst of the batch), so I’m hoping this will make life easier for those who want to get an SA rank on it without going through too many hoops. Also thanks for everyone who reached out to me to give me comments on it, both positive and negative. Much appreciated!

Advantages of this approach:

  • Easily repeatable
  • Not RNG-dependent (cfr. morgue guards)
  • Close to zero risk of getting spotted (cfr. the kitchen)

It actually shows the puzzle side that I had in mind when I created the contract. I personally thought the pieces fit together quite nicely. Secret tunnel, a couple of well-placed tokens and two massive distraction tools in the morgue stting so close together felt like somebody was supposed to do this sooner or later.

(only one tiny hiccup near the exit ;-))

Also, I want to thank IO for selecting this contract and having this as a feature in the game in general. It’s been great fun creating it, but the feeling one gets when one sees different people engaging with it is quite exhillirating! Gives a tiny taste of what game developers must feel when they see thousands of players comment on and play their game.
Thanks for this experience :slight_smile:


Can anyone help me with this, I know I’ve completed 10 contracts as the featured contracts track. However I haven’t got the PlayStation trophy for completing 10 contracts? Anyone know why?


I had to complete about 20-30 before the achievement popped, I also think featured contracts don’t count


I understand it’s not everybody’s favorite (on YT it was repeatedly called the worst of the batch)

Haters gonna hate, but it was definitely my favorite of the batch. I’m curious on what the reasoning was on the “hate.”

My least favorite? The 5 minute one. I really despise timed contracts, but to each their own.


Bah! Okay man thanks for the heads up

Do you know if you can create your own contracts and do it?


probably, but I don’t think that’s even worth it, might as well just search for a 1-target contract on the final test and just do all the ones with the gate guard as a target


Your a lifesaver thanks


First time sharing a video! Here’s my run for Franz’s Down to the Wire:


Thank you for posting the video. This contract did lead to some frustration for me, yet that stemmed from the seemingly wonky AI reactions. A few examples are: the girl mopping by the gate near the costume. I would get there at the exact same time, but sometimes she insta-trespassed me, others I would get to the stairs, and other times I would get through clear. Then also, the girl in the room next to the kitchen. Same thing…insta-spotted one time going to outside, others I make it fine. It also happened with the people in the kitchen. I think this is where a lot of the frustration on YT came from, yet none of that was your intention, nor your fault.

Watching your vid, I see your thinking and how you minimized those risks. I appreciate you posting it, as I was able to combine your thinking and my own route to finally get SA on that one. Congratulations on the Feature.


Had fun with your contract @immadummee47. Few struggles at first figuring out how to get the guy on the roof down, so borrowed the wagon explosion technique. :smiley:

Delving Into the Heart of Darkness