10 Player-curated Featured Contracts by Mendietinha (Plus an interview)


Hey Mendietinha, or can we call you Mendie?
Oh, please call me Mendie. Its easier to spell haha!
Can you tell us about yourself and how people in the Hitman community know you?
Well, I’ve been a gamer my entire life, so, after my short career as a soccer player was over due to a knee injury, I decided to dedicate myself more and more to playing games and know more about computers. I have played older Hitman games, but it was Blood Money that got me good! I started watching YouTube videos of it, and the crazy ideas on how to complete the missions started to pop into my mind. Ever since, I recorded and uploaded most of those runs to YouTube and when the new game came out, well, I kept going on trying to make the unlikely work! That lead me to forums and finally, to streams, where most of the community got to know me; as a speedrunner /mad scientist haha!
Where’s the best place for other players to find you online?
You can find me on twitch.tv/mendietinha, youtube.com/mendietinha, twitter.com/mendietinha.
Pretty simple, eh?
Sounds simple enough… Now, let’s get down to it: You are our very first contract curator! Please tell us about some of the contracts you’ve chosen and why you think they deserve to be featured.
It’s a gift to be the very first, and I am very thankful for it! About the contracts, I want to talk about two of them in particular:
“Bodyguard Hater” by Gule. This is an excellent example of a top quality contract. Fun, tricky and with multiple approaches. You are so close from the Big Shots, but they are not the targets! Combine all that and you can get them in so many ways I can’t count myself.
Also, another really great contract is “The Jingles Menace 2.0”. You may ask yourself why the 2.0? Well, the creator, Hitman Master CJ, decided to remove a sniper restriction from it, which opened more windows of opportunity, and that is something I care very much about. The targets are well placed, but don’t think it’s a cakewalk! Think outside the box here.
Enjoy it! Take your time. Set traps, run for it, walk for it. The idea is to provide fun, freedom and some challenges for you to crack.
When you’re not cherry-picking contracts, what’s your default loadout for a contract?
ALWAYS bring your duck. That’s what I always say. So that would be the Silverballer, red duck, breaching charges and a Jaeger Lancer hidden somewhere. Also, I would like to advise players to do some recon before going for a contract. Start it in a safe location, locate your targets, observe their routes and try to find windows of opportunity for them, and only then choose your loadout. Timing is also a crucial factor, as, for example, an explosion kill can change all of your plans if it affects other targets reactions :wink:
If you look into your crystal ball, what would you most like to see in the future of HITMAN?
More and more content, Season 2, 3… and the Wallbang power of the Lancer back at some point. I’m a simple man, with a wallbang desire haha. Also, the idea of having the old bullet distraction back is a thing that would open lots of ways to complete and plan not only contracts, but main missions and escalations as well.
And finally… Is there anything else you want to share?
For our community, just keep playing Hitman! Think outside the box, try silly things, have fun! If you are not playing Hitman yet, start now!
Thanks Mendie!
Thank you!

Congratulations to the people who get their contract chosen by @mendietinha


Great job Mendie! Congratulations to everyone whose contracts were chosen!


Nice job mendie, congrats to all those featured!

Summoning @Urben to see if his streak has been continued


So far I can identify CJ (Jingles Menace 2.0), GuLe (Bodyguard Hater), SpeedsterRunner214 (The Biological Warfare), Nakar (Under The Hash Streelights), BernardoOne (The Colorado Quartet) and Fortheseven (Bodyguarding) for 6 of these contracts. I couldn’t find the rest on the contracts thread.


Nope, seems like this is my combo breaker :smiley: But for regular featured contracts I might continue!

Gratz Mendie, again! Wondering how these contracts work out for me. :slight_smile:


I do have a contract called ‘‘Accidents happen’’ But, I’m not sure if it’s this one or not


Congrats @mendietinha! Very cool of IO to take such an interest in the fans then to be the first chosen as a curator…awesome!


Great job @mendietinha ! Yay! And Jingles made the list so I’m happy :smiley_cat::tada::balloon:

Can’t wait to get my ps4 back and play these!


Fais Attention! is mine, hope you guys enjoy it

Thank you mendie and IOI <3


Thank you guys! Such a great gift <3

Hope everybody can have some fun with those :slight_smile:


Jahu! Great news and facts Glad for you guys! Nice interview mendie.Killer contract hatch!
:facepunch: :star_struck::clap:


My 3rd featured contract! What a gift to be part of the HITMAN community. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feature @mendietinha!
Hope you guys enjoy it.


rip. No featured contract. I hope the next contract curator picks me. Psst. Next featured contract curator. Feature meeeee!!!

@mendietinha I forgive you, uheuheuheuhehue.

Seriously though, I’ve been chasing to get featured since around the start of 2017. SE Forums denied me, @Travis_IOI doesn’t pick up contracts from me on HMF and mendie didn’t pick me for this month. Kinda annoying, and the game is near the end of it’s cycle, so I’m really hoping that I can get at least one contract featured.


The contract Mendie picked was created by @Iffy. Really gud contract imo.




If you want to get your contract featured, make one people talk about. They probably don’t feature you for a reason.


I did make one that people talked about. Deadly Messenger. I also made A House of Shame & Feels - Like Fall, but they didn’t get as MUCH recognition.

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 nevuh, i is goin 2 gets ze feturd contrcts sum dayy


Then good for you, but there were obviously some better ones. Complaining about not having one isn’t going to make people rally for you to get featured, it just makes you look entitled. If you don’t get featured, tough luck, there are probably ten other people who made far better ones that were chosen.


Okay, jeez, jeez, calm down. I was just saying I would like a featured contract and that I’ve been trying to get one for a while, and I know other people have better contracts. It wasn’t really complaining either, I was just stating that I would like a featured contract.

And I suck up that tough luck, have you seen me complain every month when I don’t get a featured contract? No. Conversation ended, I don’t want to summon Watson, Kent or Jarbinger.


That is not how it works at all.

You don’t ‘summon’ admins when things aren’t going your way.