10 Player-curated Featured Contracts by Mendietinha (Plus an interview)


Well, it’ll work now.

Now I’m outta this thread.
P.S. Contracts are looking sweet!


Here’s my The Jingles Menace 2.0 speedrun - using four different types of explosion in a chain :grin:


Here is my run of my contract, Fais Attention!


The Jingles Menace 2.0 - SA 2:27

Accidents Happen - SA 1:57

Two very fun contracts so far. Looking forward to the rest :grinning:


I really liked your contract, and nice strat!

To bad you got a couple of copycats on the leaderboards (on PS4) right now :smile:


Thank you very much, i’m glad you enjoyed it


These contracts are top quality, and I’m not just saying that because one of mine’s there. :wink:

Half of these are amazing speed contracts (Bodyguarding especially but The Colorado Quartet and others are good). Under The Hash Streetlights, The Colorado Quartet, The Jingles Menace 2.0, and The Biological Warfare all encourage thinking outside the box; the strat Mendie used to wreck my own record on mine is completely different from the one I intended, and Colorado Quartet looks like it should take much longer than it really does.


Copycats LMAO :smiley: This was before featured
Great Contract @JDMHatch_G


Not a great run, but a cool route imo, read description.


Sorry man, my bad!
I just thought it looked odd since there were 3 people with similar times and Hatch posted his video relatively short after the contract was featured.

Your strat was also very nice!


Fais Attention! SA 1:18

Git rkt kiniu


The Colorado Quartet 0:45

0:44 should be possible. The hay bale and gas lamp kill can be faster but I’m too tired now to grind it. Will try later.

0:44 Is possible :smiley: Maybe 0:43 next if I don’t miss at the last kill.


I really enjoyed this one, will check out some of the others after work tomorrow :slight_smile:

Fais Attention! (1:47)


The Biological Warfare by @SpeedsterRunner217 (0:56)

Sub-minute is a real RNG shitshow on this one. Regardless of how the time eventually shakes down for everybody else, I think I win for style.

The Colorado Quartet by @BernardoOne (0:49)

Similar route to @sk1y but not as quick on the execution.


Here’s my first go at Fais Attention!



Fais Attention! by @JDMHatch_G (1:32)

I like how you can get spotted instantly from behind but I can run right up in an enforcer’s face and drop a FE+BC and get away with it. :thinking:

Bodyguard Hater by @GuLe (3:22)

It kind of goes to shit with improvisation toward the end and I probably should’ve saved that second Breaching Charge but meh whatever. Fuckin’ bodyguards.


Played my first one yesterday, topped up with beer lol


Fais Attention! SA/SO No Knockouts

Since I’m such a nice person I decided to spare the non-targets this time. And of course it gave me a reason to throw some duckers around.

The Jingles Menace 2.0 2:15

This Jingles dude gave me a tough time. He either would lose halfway the interest in the coin or his compliance next to the door would go for it.


My run of Bodyguard Hater. @GuLe That’s a pretty neat contract bro huehuehue