10 Player-curated Featured Contracts by Mendietinha (Plus an interview)


Mendie is a fucking hero.


Fais Attention! 1:32:

@JDMHatch_G I’m definely going to improve this stat later



Nice Contract really enjoyed to figure out this route. Glad it´s featured now!


Here is your contract as promised, not the best run but I’m satisfied with it


Amazing Autopsy by @Wulpenstein, Silent Ninja w/o Loadout & Speed (1:29)

Speedrun was kind of lame compared to others’ so I did a Ninja run and occasionally forgot that I didn’t have a loadout so I hadn’t brought scramblers. Pure katana tomfoolery. Speedrun kills Soders, ninja run doesn’t.

From Ear To Ear by @DeadlyVigilance (2:42)

Seems like pretty much the way it was meant to be done, I guess?


we spent 15 hours today playing all the contracts until we get sa in all. some by fun, some with some grinding for a good time. was way better than expected. i was afraid i could be a bad batch or something, but we had a great time. i feel better now.

great runs you guys are doing it.


Here is an almost failed run but still got SA.

Amazing Autopsy 1:09


My surgeon run on Amazing Autopsy


Well I must say the award for most intense contract goes to @Iffy. Playing it actually made my hands sweaty. Figuring out how to get both targets on the ground level without getting spotted and setting it up so they can’t react fast enough to escape was really challenging. And I also learned that there is a chef disguise in the basement area while playing this contract :smiley:

Accidents Happen 1:07


haha rip kiniu haha

haha nevermind he got 0:52 haha


You’re welcome :grinning:


My run for Fais Attention!


I don’t think so. :laughing: The ones I’ve played so far have been great. Similarly, I played a bunch on Friday fast and for fun after they dropped: just picked a route and went with it so I don’t think any of these are particularly good times, but all were really enjoyable:

From Ear to Ear

The Jingles Menace 2.0

Fais Attention!

Amazing Autopsy



@Fortheseven wilde u even melden dat ik “BODYGUARDING” OWN op PS4 :stuck_out_tongue: datje t ff weet!


“From Ear To Ear” - 2:31min
Why easy when you can complicate things?


Ohja joh? Met wat voor tijd


Ik sta nu op 1:10… met eigen ‘easy’ strat… maar ik zie nu een paar dingen in de Gule stream… dusse da kan nog sneller worden… Keiharde contract trouwens!


Netjes man! Ja vet toch?


In t begin strugglede ik wel ff met die laatste security guard bij die auto,. maar hij is zo easy to kill lol… Ik kan hem wss nog sneller killen met verdere duck toss en dan main entrance/exit… want nu ga ik via de side exit met een low duck toss terwijl ik langs em ren… FF experimenteren. Plus geen instinct + run op ps4, dus ik verlies tijd als ik ga timen met die verre duck throw snap je? :wink:


Some rekkys from last stream:

From Ear To Ear SA (2:17) - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170290954

Bodyguarding SA (57s) - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170291856

Amazing Autopsy SA (47s) - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170292590

The Colorado Quartet SA (41s) - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170293381