10 Player-curated Featured Contracts by Mendietinha (Plus an interview)


Bodyguard Hater SA (1:55)

One of the 23948239482394 ways to do the best contract ever created.


My bodyguarding run


My run for Ear To Ear


And another way to do it, only took 197 tries, totally worth it.


And I thought you slept on your keyboard when being ingame for so long.





So when I saw @o_O sub 1 min speedrun I though “hm when I use his faster window kill on Thanaboon I wonder if I can go sub 1 min with my pipe strat”.

So here I present you the rare yolo auto pistol run:

Accidents Happen 0m58s with Pipe Strat


My run for Colorado Quartet


Here’s another go at @JDMHatch_G’s Fais Attention!


I believe this is the only way to get sub 40 in this contract, this one would have been 39s without the sidestep, and even better with better aim and execution so whoever can do that can probably get around 37s.


My original run for Fais Attention was 4:33, I did another run and knocked 1:31 off the time so quite pleased


Kiniu is beast.


My run for Bodyguard Hater


Seems dead here… or did some Accidents Happen?!
My first featured contract playthrough upload… and I’m just about a little ecstatic to share it on here with the realest Hitman junkies!

@Iffy Nice contract… came up with an idea and it actually worked exactly how I planned it… Execution was a bit slow but blame the wine… hehe

@fkgfw for showing me legshot into accident, which is just Too Sweet.

@mendietinha for featuring the contract!


1:05 is still a respectable time.


Grazie, I love your quality play very much!


My run for The Biological Warfare


@SpeedsterRunner217 it was good fun. Nicely done without being too challenging. Keep up the good work.


Here’s Bodyguard Hater*, I didn’t play it that much for a faster route: :slight_smile:


Cool run, but that’s bodyguard hater, not bodyguarding