10 Player-curated Featured Contracts by Mendietinha (Plus an interview)


They said it couldn’t be done. Actually, no one said that, but everybody was thinking it. Probably.

The Biological Warfare by @SpeedsterRunner217, SA/SO/DE/FW/!EV/!KO

Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Default Equipment + Fiber Wire Kills Only + No Evidence (No Recordings & All Bodies Hidden) + No Knockouts

Been wanting to do this since before it was featured but it was way too hard. Suffice it to say even with all that I’ve learned since it still required a ton of dumb AI manipulation. But there you go, full restriction run.


@Nakar That was really good! That’s why I like Any Method + Any Disguise contracts. Because it let’s you do any type of challenge like you did in mine. Thanks for playing it once again! :nerd_face:


Yeah, I noticed after posting, thanks. Too many bodyguard contracts :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t this still possible with repeated firing using the Sub-Sonic firearms?

I tried this once with the Jaeger Tiger on Landslide and fired round after round with impunity causing “Gunshot Noticed” but no Alerts.

Also nobody came to my firing position.


Featured Contract - From Ear To Ear -Silent Assassin - 2:12


Jingles Menace 1:20. Could be faster if silverballer’s range wasn’t nerfed and my aim didn’t suck.



Your grand maester car explosion strat looked bullshit til I tried it myself. It’s nice :slight_smile:


From Ear to Ear - Silent Assassin - 2:00


Been a while since anyone has posted here. :smile:
But, I guess I’m still the only one who hasn’t posted my runs here. Can’t upload much lately. Anyways, here is the run of the contract “From Ear To Ear” from @DeadlyVigilance