100% Completion H2


I’m currently re-working my way through each location to complete every single challenge, I’d previously mastered each location and achieved all PSN trophies and have now moved on to this, I’m curious to see how many others have already 100% completed every location/bonus mission and how many people are actually bothered about this?

I didn’t complete all achievements or get anywhere near 100% in Hitman 2016 but I’m keen on doing it this time round and I’m actually enjoying it thus far.



I did both: HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 by 100%.
All Steam trophies gathered too. But a couple of Sniper-related in HITMAN 2 left.
I don’t know if I ever will acheive them as I don’t play Sniper Assassin Mode.
So if to exclude this, I’m at 100% completion on PC



Well done man, I’ve already completed the sniper assassin challenges, did the majority of them on multiplayer. I’m currently on The Author working my way towards Sgail, hope to have it done within a week or so!



I’m doing the same thing but because sometimes I just can’t be bothered or I get sick of spending so much time at one destination, I’ll move on while leaving a few unchecked. I’ll come back to them at some point, surely. Unless Hitman 3 comes out before then in which case I won’t bother :sweat_smile:

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Same really, this is my 3rd main run of each location, 1st for mastery 2nd for trophy completion and finally 3rd for 100% completion. Ha I’m pretty sure you should have time to get everything completed before H3 drops!



To be honest getting 100% doesn’t appeal to me, a big chunk of it will just feel like grinding to me. I’ve re-played the story missions enough as is, don’t really want to go back to them at this stage, which is why most of the last 100 hours I’ve played have been custom contracts. I’ll definitely do all challenges that give me unlocks though; all I need to do is Sgail and Santa Fortuna SASO on Master and I should have all unlocks in the game; I will go back to them but even they seem like a chore, I don’t want to just look at a walkthrough and copy it, I want to figure out my own way. I could probably do Sgail alright if I tried hard enough on my own, the downstairs Washington is easy to get SASO, the upstairs one a little harder.

I have 323 hours of playtime btw

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That was my initial thought but I got the first few locations done and just carried on, I did do a run before this one actually (every location) and completed all the classic challenges (cant believe I forgot about this) so I have those done on each location, I get what you mean though, some challenges are quite tedious but once they’re done they’re done and I’ll only need to complete new challenge packs/escalations as they drop.



SA/SO runs are the first thing I make sure I complete on every level. After that, I scale from the easiest challenges to the redacted ones, utilising saves where/when possible to save me having to restart a mission from scratch. Knock out all the challenges that can be done from loading saves and then fill in the blanks or move on if I can’t be bothered.



Won’t do that. I have a huge number of hours in H2016 and did not do alot of challenges. I saw some Easter Eggs on YouTube and that was enough for me for example. Just not interested in it.



I’ve use the saves to my advantage for challenge completion where ever possible, saves bags of time!

@urben each to their own! I do know the amount of challenges put people off.

Just curious, how do I find out how many hours I’ve played?



Will get 100% but over a long period. The Ghost mode challenges are going to be a bitch. Still haven’t done those.



In Steam it is obvious when you click on a game in your libary. I think console has that too somewhere as it is quite basic imho.

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Haven’t even considered these? There not in the statistics section within the career tab are they?



Sorry to hear this as since February update it’s not impossible to achieve all the challenges in GM because they changed ghost crates loadouts and didn’t include there a fiberwire (for Pianist challenge) and a lethal poison syringe (for Tasteless Traceless challenge).
I did report this and bumped Travis & Clemence, but have they seen that or not, only God knows…

If you’re talkng about Ghost Mode challenges, you can find them either in Miami Challenges tab amongst others or in Ghost Mode itself in a Lobby, by choosing Challenges tab

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Is that so? I didn’t realize there were seperate “Versatile Assassin” challenges for Ghost Mode. That kinda sucks. Hopefully it will get fixed soon!



Got the game on 100% including all trophies and challenges

On PS4 there is no way to check how many hours you spend on a game. Only a few games have that tool ingame.
Exception was the time limited “My PS4 Life” video you could create. This showed the hours of your 3 most played games. It’s already removed from the Sony website



Definitely won’t be going for 100%. I generally do all item unlocks and other interesting or fun challenges. Too many other games to enjoy than to grind on one purely for ticking boxes.

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I’d be fine with getting 100% challenge completion if it wasn’t for Colombia and Mumbai. Fuck those maps.

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Funny how different people like or dislike specifc maps. Mumbai and Santa Fortuna had the most enjoyable challenges for me. Sgail had too much silly challenges, but the switheroo challenge is one of my favourite in the game.



Wait, is this confirmed? I did think it strange that the lethal poison hasn’t popped up in the usual crate I find it in next to the stands, in the past three weeks, but didn’t realise it was taken out of circulation all together… why would they do this?