100% Completion H2


This is confirmed by me. I can tell with 100% certainty it’s gone.
I’ve explored all the crates on the level and know their loadout pretty well.
There are no fiberwire and lethal poison in current set.
Why did they change loadouts? Only IOI can explain, but they keep silence.
I personally fully don’t understand why they did it.

There are couple of threads created on this case already so let’s transfer conversation about this there


I’m fine with a bunch of the challenges in Mumbai and Colombia, I just dislike the locations. Colombia is Hitman 2’s Colorado but with a watered down Salienza look, while Mumbai is just over the top complicated and it’s too easy to get lost just wondering around. I still don’t know where I’m going when I enter the slums.

But yeah, I agree with the Sgail challenges, I’ve actually complained about it before.

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Not quite sure about the nitty gritty challenges as I haven’t reached Santa Fortuna or Mumbai yet but I really liked those levels, especially Santa Fortuna and the freedom it gives you.

As for the ghost mode challenges, these might be the speed bumps on the road to 100% completion but we’ll see :muscle:


As of now I think it’s impossible to do some ghost mode challenges since the crate load outs have been altered.

So more of an accident on the road instead of a speed bump, it’ll take a while before everything goes back to normal.

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I couldnt complete 100% in H1 cause of elusive targets… got the game too late, which I hate.
Now I just lack the ET again, the sniper assassin mastery, which is a huge pain, specially the multiplayer, the 2 bugged achievements from ghost mode (fiberwire and poison), and the featured contracts one.

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Just now finished HITMAN 2 by 100%.
Finally completed all sniper mode challenges and all Steam challenges.
So now I’m officially 100% completed the game :slight_smile:

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Have you already upgraded all 3 mastery levels in Hantu Port? That’ll take me couple weeks


You mean upgrading rifles to 20 level?
No. Does it counts?


Well it’s part of the 100% because it’s in the Career Page but you do you :+1:

Good job anyway. I have couple Ft. Contracts, Hantu Port, ET & new escalation left :smile:

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However I’ll be working on this now.
Hantu single is 13th level now.
Himmelstein is 14.
Don’t play multiplayer, so Knight’s and Stone’s rifles are at 2-3 level

Not so much, so you’re about to be done :slight_smile:

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Well done mate! I’ve done the legacy and patient zero so far! However the discover challenge has glitched in Hokkaido! I should be 100% on everything by next week! Then on to ghost mode and levelling the rifles up in SA


Ghost Mode is impossible to complete now due to lack of fiberwire and lethal poison in the ghost crates.
But they promised to bring them back in April’s update.
Discovery challenge is one of a thorn too…
Anyway I wish you luck :slight_smile:


Is it a big necessity to upgrade multiplayer rifles?
Do you play co-op often?

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Yeah I saw that about ghost mode, I don’t play much of that anyway so I can certainly wait lol, I’ve actually enjoyed doing all the nitty gritty stuff this time round!



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I’ve 100%ed everything in H2 (including deleted Sgail challenges) except the Slam Dunk challenge in the Source, because the hell with that. And I haven’t fully upgraded the sniper mode rifles, because why bother?

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So what you’re really saying is that you haven’t got to 100% yet…



I’ve 100%ed all the challenges that weren’t broken when they were ported over to H2 :wink:


The slam dunk challenge isn’t as difficult as you might think, I did it in 3/4 tries , and obviously you can make a save when your up in that area and just keep reloading.


To be honest I wish it would removed someday. There is not really a point in that challenge…
Ok, let’s put Slam Dunk challenges all around the game. Because just why not? Haha