(11 August 2016) | The Eccleston Illumination (Escalation)

thats the one of coolest escalations!


It’s easily in my top 3 favourite escalations (though that’s not exactly a hard achievement since most of them suck)… The two wildcards at levels 4 and 5 kept things from getting repetitive and boring, but also made you stop and think and presented genuine challenges that did ramp the difficulty up each time.

This one was right up there with “The Kerner Disquiet” and “The Gladwyn Simulacrum”.

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You cheat :slight_smile: LOL. It’s impossible to hack laptop like you. Maybe Xbox1 version is more glitched?

I’m done with Glitchman. This crap never will be ready to release. I’m wasting my time, 90% of time wasted for glitches. Usually 2 hours of playing (1h 45-50 min wasted for glitches).

I played level 2 for 3 hours and did 1:46 - i know - it’s slow but:
-it’s impossible to hack laptop without 2 subdues
-90% of chances for “body found” - 2 cheaters - scientists can see hidden body
-and more chances for “spotted through walls” (many times from 50 metres etc).
-usually 19 of 20 tries ruined by glitches.
BTW: it’s not about seeing through windows.

That’s enough, i’m looking for other games to play.

:frowning: you didn’t wait for @ingrobny to make the topic


who the hell is he ? :smiley:

its not impossinle i did it like him too

I’m curious, for Escalations, is the only way to detect a target’s killing condition is to look at the brief and identify the target by sight? I like how in Contracts mode the killing conditions are highlighted with the instinct. Anyone know if IOI plans to carry that over to Escalations as well? Do Escalation requirements differ in any way to Contracts that it would be a problem?

You are PC player. Probably PC version is beta. Xbox1 version is alpha, completely useless to play.

I played for about 400 hours, about 300 hours wasted for glitches. From Sapienza (26th April) about 90% of time wasted for glitches.

Most annoying glitch is “spotted through wall” from 50 metres, it’s from start, from 11th March. Probably this wallhack is activated for 1-2 NPC by glitch. It’s not about broken walls, some of NPC are ignoring walls, it’s randomly activated for random of NPC.

Or maybe you’re just making excuses for your lack of skill?

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But alpha is beta and beta is final …

am i misunderstanding or do you not get kill conditions when using instinct?

i checked the options menue and i have it set to give kill conditions but nothing shows up other than the red outline. How am i to know which guard is which?

It works for the new featured contracts :smiley:.

so it is only supposed to work with contracts and not escalation?

Yeah, but it doesn’t in escalations.

@Drebin you can check the map for their names and then check the kill conditions in the menu :slight_smile: only way I know ATM other than checking their models.

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ah there ya go.

not ideal but this will do.


I don’t remember, but weird if it not works for escalations.

This is how we had to do it before IO-I included the feature.

I’m starting up Hitman now on PS4 and i will test this… back in few sec…:smiley:


It doesn’t work… that’s weird… i’m pretty sure it worked in the past.

It never worked in escalations. I’m guessing that the reason for that is because some targets are not given to you in standard form (Eliminate with: [weapon], Use Disguise: [disguise]), but rather they are given to you in text in the briefing (ex. “Eliminate John Doe in an explosion” “Eliminate all targets with a katana while wearing the Plague Doctor outfit”). Maybe those conditions could conflict with the in-game text?

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It’s explained in the description heuheueue, but you can do it.

I’m done with Glitchman but i tested this glitch (20 restarts). It’s something about “replain mission”. Sometimes it’s impossible, sometimes rarely possible.

The same with spotted through walls (or hidden body found):
-sometimes i was spotted 90% of times
-sometimes 0% of times
The same place, the same moves.

I’m not sure i will play Thailand or i will remove Glitchman from HDD. But i’m going to stop playing Glitchman as pro player. I don’t like to be alpha/beta tester. No hope - this game never will be patched, i gave up.