11 Curated Contracts - April 2020, Kevin Rudd

Which Color Has Your Collar; Arrive, Hide Leave by @Urben
Knockout! by @CamTheChest
Hokkaido Fastball by @TheContractor
Wildcard by @MulletPride & Juanito
Eviction by @SANY-72Q

Curator Created:
I Never Wear a Rubber, What’s That Sound?, Sniper Assassin: Castle Mk II, Grand Theft Bosco, Ripe For The Picking

Blog Post including screenshots and teasers for what to do in each contract:

Enjoy :kissing_heart:


Yep, that marks the day when it is really too late to recreate the NY contract with correct grammar in the title! :sweat_smile: Thanks for choosing, I wonder what people will do with the Final Test contract!


Small question , where do you pick your contracts from ? Is it from a special topic ? Or do you just choose contracts created throughout the history of hitman 2018 ?

There’s a blog post coming out tomorrow which has more info, but all of these contracts were on the HMF Contract Thread at some point, apart from maybe Knockout! which was on Reddit a year ago; and Wildcard which was a Featured Contract submission that didn’t get picked

I see , another question , how do you put special pictures for contracts
Ex : Grand theft Bosco

Grand Theft Bosco is a no-target contract, you don’t kill anyone in it. The thumbnail defaults to the barcode.


Btw they let you choose 11? What did you say, you wanted the same rights Clemens has? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have incriminating photos of Clemens wearing a very unfashionable hat :smiling_imp:


Thanks for selecting the Wildcard contract. I do want to mention that I only wrote the full briefing of the contract. A PC player known as Juanito asked me to help write a nice briefing for the contract he was making. Not sure if it’s too late to give him credit as well, but I at least wanted to put forth that I wasn’t the sole creator of it.

Congrats again on being curator. Hope the players enjoy them.


I might have also re-made the contract on PS4 and XB1; can’t fully remember.

I gave them the PS4 ID (I thought that was the original, cos the PC one didn’t say MulletPride I don’t think), so that’s the version that’s been featured :slight_smile:

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Hokkaido Fastball

I Never Wear A Rubber


Wow, i forgot about Kevin’s curated contracts…
P.S I miss on this red background in HITMAN…

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That was an impressive run on Fastball, how did the camera not spot his body?

To help people out on I Never Wear A Rubber, there are two shotguns behind the lab, much quicker to get to and only one very avoidable camera to deal with

And for those who were wondering what I tried to get away with in this Curated Batch:

Submitting a (minor) modded mission :no_entry_sign:
Requesting they change “Shotgun” to “Unsilenced Shotgun” for one :no_entry_sign:
Submitting an Ansel picture for each contract for thumbnails :no_entry_sign: (But Clem will put in blog post x)
Listing a No-Target Contract :white_check_mark:

So 1/4 cheeky monkeys for me :monkey_face:


I really want to know. I attempted twice and the camera didn’t spot the body when I tried.

Here is my run on the contract way back, before it was curated!


Ugh, back up to 40 featured contracts in the “to do” list!

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WILDCARD - (1:04)


My two favorite contracts of this batch:

Wildcard | SA/SO | Camera Double Kill

Sniper Assassin: Castle MkII | SA/SO | Handshot technique

[Makes the target fall down + lures Jebedia on spot]