14.07.2016 (07.14.2016) The Kilie Agitation escalation


Nice ! I didn’t notice the other battle axe… lol, my run is longer (5:02) :


Haha, still a great run!

A helpful website I found shows all locations of every item on the map



That’s very cool, i included a link in my first post.


I’m sure that site was made by someone on this forum!


Can be, there is a link to this forum :smiley:, it’s very cool to have a interactive map.


@Gummybearosaurus : @Winterbirds made this website
I made an interactive map of Hitman Paris level

@CJfreshhh : I forgot to take a look on interactive map :grin:


I’ll get streaming right away!


I stopped at 4 escalations lmao. Then i reached 10 and have no intention on doing any other except to win a trophie for the new maps hahah.


whoops sorry missed that


You didn’t :smiley: i added it after i saw your post :wink:.


Finally home, will try this one in a bit.


@CJfreshhh: i try your route, i got 3:58. I will try to optimize it :sunglasses:



K lets start this one


Just did level 4 now, 5 stars (of course :stuck_out_tongue:), but level 5 is even more crazy :joy:, haven’t started it yet, but it looks cool :smiley:


Man level 5 was frustrating! Messed up more times than I would like to admit… They could have keept this escalation at 3 levels (3-5) imo


Haha cool! Just about to start with lvl5


The Kylie Alligator? What a stupid name.

@Fortheseven good luck myself :slight_smile:


Level 5 is quite annoying haha


I have to say, this was a good escalation, very exciting, the wild card was crazy but fun, well done IO-I :smiley:.


ive tried to play this one, but my brain is exausted. going to rest today for the et tomorrow.