20 Years of Hitman

What do you think IOI should do (if anything) to celebrate 20 years since C47?
Badges and Tie Pins
A couple of possible badge/tie pin ideas…

Absolution Tie Pin

Master Assassin Badge


Providence Badge


And, a Hitman fleur de lis badge, in a similar style to that of the Master Assassin badge.

Would be released as a free DLC to owners of HITMAN 2
REMASTER OF FIRST EVER HITMAN MISSION (Training, C47 or Kowloon Triads in Gang War)
REMASTER OF COMMUNITY CHOSEN MISSION (whichever mission gains the most support e.g The Meat Kings Party)
MISSION IN ICA FACILITY because, why not?

Other Stuff
A BOOK possibly detailing all of 47’s missions, each with some nice art, a screenshot, and a briefing
SOMETHING ELSE what do you think???
Low poly C47 suit in game wearable (thanks to @Spods)
Gimp Mask from Meat Kings Party, and Masks from a Dance with the Devil in game wearable (thanks to @LordShaw)


the obvious choice is the low-poly codename 47 suit, it’s been mentioned a lot before and that sort of thing is always fun


I think a community chosen remastered mission would be f***ing incredible!


I dunno, it would bring out the worst in us. I would fucking bribe people to vote for The Meat King’s Party.


all of this sounds brilliant

Imagine the sadness we would all feel if something like king of Chinatown got remastered…


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Well, I would be supporting the best mission, A Dance with the Devil, and you would vote for it or else.

That is a choice I can at the very least nod my head with respect to.


HITMAN 2 - Texture Modding something like this would be a good unlock

Chicago first

Probably second, also. Just to be sure.

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Fuck a bunch of that. Remaster a whole damn game, don’t settle for one mission! And since all of these games are now accessible on a single platform, except one, then that one is he one that needs a remaster. Codename: 47 all the way.

I would be fine with just getting that gimp mask from MKP and Devil’s mask from DvtD as a wearable in H2 :smirk::smirk:

And dual ballers lapel pin - totally. I’m missing some Hitman pin in my collection and that one would look so cool in high polish. (Would prefer it in silver or anthracite tho, gold irl is harder to pull off without looking tacky.)

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If they remake an old level (which sadly, I think they’re too busy to actually do), it should be one that works well to introduce new audiences to the origins of the game. But for the amount of effort it would take them, I don’t think it should be free.

Also, IOI, please use the original briefing from Vivienne McKee’s Diana!

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