2018 Hitman 2 game edition Poll question and interactive map question


Which game edition are you all going to get? With a co op, it will be interesting to see if they put some indicator on who has ultimate and who has regular.

Gamestop said game is 149.99 for ultimate, I did reserve it and they wanted 25.00 down

Guys, Does anyone know if there is a interactive map for hitman 2 like in hitman 1.


I’m not sure if any of you ever seen or been on the site it was great if your trying to find something.

It’s great how you can have it show what you want and don’t want.

Example, in Marrekesh The Bahdur Dexterity Level 4 and 5 the battle axe is not behind the headmaster, I spent hours trying to find a another battle axe. then in the west market gate litterally as your looking at it to your right is a store, the battle axe is there.

The link above, I was able to remove and have it only show battle axes.

I know the Game isn’t coming out til Nov 13, but as they start to show more trailer and let a few things out, I’m hoping a map will also be revealed.


the site was fanmade, so :man_shrugging:


it was a pretty cool map, and it helped me like I said with that level its nice.


I would assume that hitmanmaps.com won’t be getting updated for HITMAN 2. It hasn’t been updated since The Blackmailer went live in March 2017 and has since permanently mentioned that an ET is live in Colorado.


The interactive map creator is @Winterbirds, who created the below topic originally.

He hasn’t been seen in this forum for close to a year, going by his account summary.


Gutted. SomeBODY should make a new site. Hitmaps!