2019 Content Highlights (Roadmap)


Impressive… most impressive. I’m looking forward to the new two new maps.



What do you think the theme relates too though?

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Complete sentence




We’re super excited to share a first look at new HITMAN 2 content and give our players a glimpse into the future of the game. From new locations, new missions and new sniper maps to new unlocks and Ghost Mode locations, there’s a whole lot of content on the horizon for owners of the base game and Expansion Pass.

Today is also the first reveal of the new Sniper Maps, Locations and Special Assignment Missions that are included with the Expansion Pass and Gold Edition; Agent 47 will be visiting The Bank, The Prison and The Resort before the end of the year. Each new location will bring new targets, challenges and mastery unlocks that can be used in all locations.

All of the content that’s listed in the highlights is just a selection of everything that’s coming your way. We’ll continue to have monthly roadmaps, monthly livestreams and more surprises along the way. In short, we’re going to keep doing more awesome Hitman content and deliver it to you all.

We’ll be discussing all of this content and sharing more on our next scheduled IOI Monthly livestream, currently planned for April 29th. If you’ve got questions about the Content Highlights, post them on HitmanForum, in the Hitman Subreddit or send them to us on Twitter and then tune into the livestream. See you there!



Well, look at that. We will revisit Mumbai and Santa Fortuna for the bonus missions. Pretty cool roadmap indeed!



What are “themes” though? :rofl:



HOLY FUCK THIS IS AMAZING!! IO HAVE REDEEMED THEMSELVES IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!!! I was so worried when they in their January post that there was only going to be one new location this year… I haven’t even had time to absorb everything in this… just… YES!!!111!!



Spring (Spring Break)

(Silver/Gold Edition/Expansion Pass)

  • Hantu Port (Sniper Assassin)
  • Flamingo Costume & El Matador (Unlocks)
  • Ghost Mode in Santa Fortuna

Summer (Jungle Summer)

(Silver/Gold Edition/Expansion Pass)

  • The Bank (New Location)
  • Embrace Of The Serpent (Bonus Mission-Santa Fortuna)
  • Illusions Of Grandeur (Bonus Mission-Mumbai)

Fall. 1 (The Rivals)

(Gold Edition/Expansion Pass)

  • The Prison (Sniper Assassin)
  • Outfit & Antique Knife (Unlocks)
  • Ghost Mode in Mumbai

Fall. 2 (Halloween)

(Gold Edition/Expansion Pass)

  • The Resort (New Location)
  • 2 unnamed Bonus Missions


there’s an American flag in the bank level, so i guess we might be going back to America



uuugh :disappointed_relieved: pls no, don’t be the case, too much of America already… I want dem german accents



Congratulations IO Interactive, by releasing an absolutely amazing roadmap for 2019 you have effectively killed HitmanForum using death by hype.



I hope we get another mission this year, only 1 sniper map is a bummer :frowning:



Wonder if the lady on the pic will be the only target. I’m thinking it’ll be a relatively small location but I’ll be surprised if turns to be larger than The Icon.



Also notice how at the bottom it says community escalations. Does that mean more BigMooney type stuff, or are they going to have a new system where people like us can submit escalations like we do featured contracts?



The Resort? Still unclear when it’s out, right?



What huge disappointment. I was hoping they would reveal another explosive and a recolored sniper rifle.


Now this is getting me hyped a lot.

Ok we’re getting a Flamingo suit. That’s neat. Not a fan of goofy “suits” myself but more choices are always good. It’s probably going to be an unlock related to the Spring Break theme.

The image of the second sniper map looks interesting. The heavly-armed guard and the building imply that it’s not a regular prison. My money is on it being some sort of Khandanyang labor camp run by the Heavenly Guard. Maybe a sniper map with Sun/Jin Po as target?

The leaks already implied a bank and a resort mission, so this is no big surprise. It’s still nice to have a confirmation and I’m really excited for these new levels. With one level taking place in a bank, I’m finally having a good reason for 47 to wear one of his icon black suits as starting outfit. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also we’re getting four bonus mission. That’s two more than I expected. Looking forward to see how different Santa Fortuna and Mumbai going to look and hoping for at least one of the two yet-to-be revealed missions taking place in Vermont.



Just that it’s proggramed for the Fall season.

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It’s level 20 mastery so it’s a full new map



Where is it confirmed they’ll both have 20 mastery??




Here bro! Doesn’t say 20, but says mastery unlocks.

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