22.09.2016 (09.22.2016) Master Fortune Teller Pack

We have 5 new challenges in Marrakesh :smiley:.

Wishful Thinking
Master Fortune Teller (Reward - TAC-4 AR Desert)
Future Events
Seven Years of Bad Luck
It Was an Axeident

Hitman Interactive Maps:



Post 'em faaast please :wink:

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Marrakesh I take it? This was unexpected, I like it :smiley:


Looks intetesting with a good reward that combines with the ambience. Thanks IO.

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I was disappointed when I saw we got just another challenge pack. Then I saw it has an unlock tied to it. While is another of these reskinned weapons it’s always welcome!
I like the idea of getting a reward with the challenge packs. Makes them more interesting!


greaaaaat. they managed to find something even more boring than escalations…


Found your new profile picture:


They gave you more EXTREME GOOD challenges and NEW FREE gun… for FREE, and you are still complaining??? IOI please ignore this person and keep up with fair and good work of yours :wink:


Meeeh, don’t really like doing challenges or achievements for that matter, i like doing my own thing, hunting for something like that especially since they are so boring, doesn’t tickle my fancy.

Oh and it has an unlock there too?,Thank bob, most of them suck.
Just a re-skin of a lame weapon that i will never use.

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Anyone care to create some interesting contracts for these?

(So I don’t have to.) :wink:

no buddy… we paid for this. and instead of using our money to develop new gear they just gave us a reskinned gun. how are you happy about this?


No you buddy… I payed for Gilded Cage mission, everything else is just good will of IO for gamers to have free and quality content each week. You didnt even tried the gun and saying it’s reskinned? CTFU man :wink:


Please don’t say we, because i didn’t pay for escalations, featured contracts and elusive targets and challenge packs, i paid for the story missions everything else is free bonus content for me :smiley:.

I couldn’t say it better myself :smiley:.


Ugh? You paid standard retail price for a game that was supposed to have 7 missions. They will deliver on that. This is bonus.

You realize you don’t own every single IO employee do you? They don’t have to make this stuff. Sure it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but that’s something.


How about they focus on fixing the game, and not spend any time on these lame-ass challenges&unlocks?

That’s just me though.

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They confirmed fixes come with Colorado patch, this is just live content :wink:


Like last time? which broke more things?

I ain’t holding my breath.

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Man come on IO is not a single guy who works on one thing at a time. They have different teams who do different things.

The guy working on this isn’t the one fixing bugs…


Fair enough.

Point remains though, there still is a lot of work to be done here
And we are 5/6 into the Season
Am i the only one not feeling the “progress” of this game?

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