24.11.2016 (11.24.2016) The Caden Composition Escalation


We have a new escalation this week :smiley: this one is in Bangkok.

Hitman Interactive Maps:



Yes finally another one that’s not just Paris.


Level 5 requires you to kill three people with the Katana and within a minute of each other. And all targets can have conversations if you aren’t timing it well.

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Boring escalation, really only 1 way to go about level 5. Could be done a little faster, but i won’t grind for it.


Rubbish escalation.

I played levels 1-3 in the exact same way (other than subduing the guard in Level 1 rather than snapping his neck). Level 4 was a non-complication since he had already isolated himself in the bathroom by the time I got to him. Level 5, meh.

Not challenging. Not fun. Not unusual for IO.


Sub 2 boys


With the guitar chord too? Very nice


Had some seconds to spare huehuehuehue




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Now that I’ve tried making some escalations of my own (search ‘Quine’ on PC and three will pop up), a problem with this escalation struck me. Here’s how the levels played for me:

Level 1: Kill target
Level 2: Kill new target, then level 1 routine
Level 3: Level 2 routine
Level 4: Level 2 routine, then kill new target

Except for the final level, I did the same thing on every level that I did in the previous level, occasionally tacking something on to the beginning or the end.

Now look at how the goals change on each level:

Level 1: First goal
Level 2: Additional goal
Level 3: Additional goal
Level 4: Additional goal

The routine changed only when the goals changed. The last few escalations have played out this way.

This is sorta unsatisfying, and it does not have to be this way. It is possible to have additive goals that cause you to change your gameplay, and not to simply tack something on to the beginning or end of your routine.

This isn’t easy to design. The designer has to figure out what routines a player is likely to use (out of convenience or efficiency), and then figure out what additional goals would throw a monkey wrench in those plans.

The Hexagon Protocol has a good instance. You have to clear out a bunch of bodyguards in the Paris backyard. At one point, a “no ballistics” restriction comes up. Because the guards were exposed and in the open, it was very unlikely that a player would not use a gun from a distance in the previous levels. “No ballistics” is an added restriction – no goals change – but the escalation suddenly played very differently.

There are a lot of ways that a designer can force novel routines through additive goals. I’ve been trying to make escalations where every level’s goals are purely additive but where every level plays different. I’ve found varying degrees of success. It’s tough to design – especially with the limited tools of contract creation mode – but I’ve found some good tricks. Because each successive level robs the player of doing the easiest or most efficient thing, they get pretty hard (perhaps that’s why IO avoids them).

Still, IO’s escalations have been pretty unsatisfying lately because they’ve been following the formula that this new escalation follows. The first four levels have additive goals that rarely shake up gameplay, only tacking on new parts to the routine. And then the fifth level changes all the goals slightly, which gives a new challenge, but which is also unsatisfying and doesn’t feel like an escalation.

I wish they’d go back to making escalations out of purely additive goals, but thinking hard about how additive goals can be used to change gameplay.

(Edit: gonna draw the attention of @Travis_IOI and @Torbjorn_IOI to this, because I hear that devs love it when players act as armchair devs.)


I’m going to express my feelings with this one in the next way: a target involved with a triggered event that requires a lot of time to end (the conversation of the target guy, the one holding Dexy’s card) doesn’t mixes properly with a timer. Far from being a good escalation in other aspects but this was the nail in the coffin for my taste.


I got 1:51 but got spotted by the camera. 1:52 is possible. Will upload the video later today.


1:52 SA


Well,that was impresively risky and thrilling. Beary pawsome job :bear::+1:.


Thanks mate. Yeah those bodies were on the brink of being found.


Hahaha i just finished level 5 and i tried it your way and well… let’s just say it didn’t quit work out :joy: