27.09.2016 (09.27.2016) The Mallory Misfortune Escalation


We have one new escalation today, this one is in the new map, Colorado :smiley:.

Hitman Interactive Maps:



Level 3 of this is really, really creeping me out. In my own living room I keep looking behind myself.


How do we do level 2? Kill Preston Becker in a fire or crushing him under a car? But he don’t move, he is just standing in the room… do i have to drag him to the oil drum or drag him under the car on the lift?


I can’t figure it out either. Subduing and dragging him to the oil drum
doesn’t seem to trigger the fire animation to kill him either… Must be
something we’re missing.

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I forgot that, subdued npc’s can’t be killed in a fire, we could drag him to the lift and drop the car on him, but it’s too many npc’s around, maybe there is some molotov cocktail somewhere on the map?


I am on level 4, and I have tried dropping a car on his knocked out body twice now and no luck. Maybe glitched? I have gotten very frustrated with level 4. I was able to set him on fire while knocked out before, but not on this level, so something is screwy.


If I have to get him somewhere while he is conscious all while Michael Myers is chasing me…sigh


I killed him with the fire barrel.


How did you do that? did you lure him out?


Nope, I subdued him and dragged his body to the fire barrel where Maya and the technician meet.

Also to anybody that’s interested in getting an easy kill on target one, an emetic syringe will send him to a trashcan right next to the haybale machine :smiley:


I keep getting pumped full of lead when I try to drag the body… :frowning:


hahaha yeah, i think you have to subdue a bunch of npc’s :smiley:.


Level 4: Cannot kill the stalker.


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Try to detonate an explosive in the direction of the explosives area where the first target is. Should distract them for long enough? I seem to remember it working fairly well when I did a loud kill on the first target :stuck_out_tongue:

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God damn it. I finally finish it, then realise there is no challenge tied to this escation (for some strange reason). So I didn’t need to even bother…

Wonder if it’s just an oversight. Is the challenge there on PC/Xbox?



I just finished level 5 off this. Well, that was insanely hard. Level 5 was actually much easier than level 4.

Looks like IOI listened, haha. Escalations are too easy? Over too quickly? How’s this?


OK, major spoilers obviously, but here’s your level 5 walkthrough (and current day 1 leaderboard topper).

I think the fact that there are so few people who have even completed it yet, and I appear to be the only SA so far, is a testament to just how hard this escalation is. So, more escalations like this please @Morten_IOI & @Travis_IOI!

First few minutes cut off. The main thing I did was start in the bomb gear location, choose a silenced SMG as a pick up, and take the old axe from by the swamp and drop it near the bomb target, so that I can get to it easily later as the scarecrow. Throw a breaching charge near the target in the room, and he’ll take it to the weapon box near the cupboard, where I knock him out at the start of the video.


i cant find the axe… where is it? you said the swamp… which swamp?


The slurry pit, maybe? At the side of the barn.

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My way to pass level 2, which is by no means the correct way, was to drop a car on a technician, then on everyone who came to check out the accident, and to then leave a gun near the target. When he goes to drop off the gun, he’ll see the pile of crushed bodies, go to investigate, and you can crush him.

What a disaster.