27.09.2016 (09.27.2016) The Mallory Misfortune Escalation


Why is there no challenge connected to this escalation?

Bug Report Thread

I have no idea, maybe because the escalation is pretty hard? I stopped after level 1 and i have done all escalations so far :smiley:.

Bug Report Thread

Isn’t this whole NPCs not dying after being subdued an old glitch that was fixed? did they break it again?


Yes it’s fixed.

No? i don’t think so, i haven’t killed anybody in Colorade when i’m subdue a npc.


I meant you couldn’t kill them with explosives or accidents etc after they were unconscious is that the case again?


I believe the only thing addressed was not being able to kill an unconscious body with an explosion.
Edit: They die by fire too. (Screaming away while they are unconscious. :rolling_eyes: )

On another note, I think IOI made a booboo and level two is meant for the mechanic in the garage.


Huh, that makes sense to me. That guy is fairly straightforward to kill using the two methods the escalation asks for. He basically just walks between one kill method and the other.

The guy who is actually a part of the escalation, on the other hand, seems just like some randomly tagged guy. He isn’t anywhere near a fire or a car lift. Which makes the whole thing brutally hard.


FWIW, for me, restarting my PS4 fixed the unconscious guy not catching fire issue. It worked on level 2 and 3, then on level 4 did not. Restarting fixed it, though.


Well I remember making a contract in Bangkok and i put an unconscious guy under a chandelier and I swear it killed him :confounded: not being able to kill people with falling objects while unconscious sure doesn’t sound right to me.


You’re right in thinking it killed them. I remember doing this as well with a chandelier in Paris.
I just tried it again, but now it no longer kills them.
This game…:disappointed:


Something else to add to the bug report thread sigh…


I don’t think so, it’s been a while since last time i killed a subdued npc with explosive or in a oil drum fire.
But somebody said they could not crush a subdued npc with the car on the lift.


Agree, that’s why i never did level 2, i just reset it and trying to forget about this escalation, i don’t understand how IO-I thinks harder is more fun, because it’s not, it’s just annoying.

So every time this game is getting a patch, it’s one step forward and two steps back.

No wonder why i loose more and more interest for this game :disappointed:.


Chandeliers etc still work, guys. This is a problem with the car lift specifically.


Burn the guy, Its way easier.


I always lure him to the building where Burgess and his buddy are hanging out (knocked them out and hid them first, of course), drop a coin and when he picks it up, I give him the emetic poison syringe to keep him busy for some time.

Then I fuck it up by not distracting enough guards with an explosion so I can’t drag the second target to the oil drum…
I even started taking the 3 nitroglycerin vials and throwing them in different direction, but someone always spots me.
Level 4 sucks, it makes me want to kill everyone…


Have you tried killing an unconcious NPC with a falling chandelier lately?
At least for me, a PC user, the NPC did not die when doing this in Paris.


…give me a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Just finished level 5, which was much easier for me than 4. I think I spent about 1-2 hours total on this Escalation and enjoyed every second of it.


Anyone have a video of completing the escalation so I can add it to the guide thread? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: