27.09.2016 (09.27.2016) The Mallory Misfortune Escalation


What are you looking to do? Are you wanting a quick time? Silent assassin? Just finish it? If you want I could do you a video, but you’ll need to let me know what you’re after: quick and dirty, stealth and speed, or ultra-safe (getting the job done, but likely to be slow).
Also, if you want a video: do you have full inventory options: emetic syringe, and so on?


I agree. It’s the one escalation I haven’t completed. I tried level 3 a few times, but I found it really annoying, especially since it’s so obvious that they tagged the wrong guy. I keep hoping they fix it (but I doubt they will). I also don’t want to complete it given that it’s the one escalation without an associated challenge. Someone at IO should take a look at this escalation.


Cheers for the tip. I absolutely could not care less about SA (to be fair, I don’t care about it on other Escalations either). Presumably lob a duck at the target on the explosives range and then Wicker Man the other dude (and take care to not let the Stalker get too close)?


Exactly that. I didn’t even run into the stalker on level 4, guess I just got lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheers fella. I’m just looking to finish it, don’t care at all about SA or time. Tried following @MrFreeze2244’s guide on YouTube and while it worked a treat for the first 3 levels I’m struggling to lure Mr Die-In-A-Fire into the oil while keeping the Stalker away from me (he came back from his emetic syringe illness before I’d got the target into position).


Exactly same thing happening to me. He keeps coming back earlier, even though my timing seems to be perfect. I don’t get it. This escalation is so frustrating. I also tried looking up some video playthroughs of this one and for some reason in most videos objectives are completely different. It requires you to wear scarecrow disguise and kill someone with an axe? What’s up with different objectives for this one? Stuck on level 5.


Finally got this done, never want to go back to it again! Wicker Man and a Duck for Level 4, and only just completed Level 5 by the skin of my teeth. Had pre-placed the Old Axe on top of the hay bales near the target, then SMG’ed the other target in the hut in Scarecrow disguise, went to the top of the hay bales to retrieve my axe and in the process swapped out the SMG. Threw a coin to distract the target close enough to me and as he went to pick it up the Stalker walked up the ramp to the hay bales so I had to leg it down the other side (thinking I was in a corner with no escape and would soon be dead), but luckily at the last second the Stalker picked up my swapped-out SMG and took it away to a weapons crate… which left me time enough to repeat my coin throw, lure the target and throw and axe into his face, and then book it out of the level.

That was quite a rush on Level 5, but once is enough thanks and I won’t be returning to this escalation ever again now!


Are you sure you’re looking at walkthroughs for the right level? Level 5 is:

  • Kill Explosive Range target with the Old Axe while disguised as a Scarecrow
  • Kill Hut Room target with an SMG while disguised as a Scarecrow
  • The Stalker is hunting you
  • The Stalker cannot be killed or pacified


Yeah, I’m an idiot. It’s level 4. Still, I’m stuck and I hate this escalation.
And I can’t find a single consistent guide. Everything is way too random.


I feel your pain!

I recommend starting undercover on the explosives range with the silenced sniper placed at the water tower, then dropping a remote duck by your ‘Range’ target and exploding when safely distant. Then head to the Scarecrow disguise and sneak to the water tower (this took me a few goes not to get spotted on the way), climb the tower and snipe the 4x bells in order to activate the Wicker Man (there are a couple of decent YouTube guides if you don’t already know how; I recommend @MrFreeze2244’s video), and then make your way back to the ‘Hut’ target and just get near enough to burn him, and exit the level.

Good luck chap!


Just did level 4 using wickerman, second try. Off to level 5. Dark gods, help me.]

I actually did it. Holy shit, that was so close. It was messy as hell, with my favourite “stand behind the target, press subdue button and punch them in the face instead”, but I don’t care. I actually did it.


@scat1620: I had to spend time with my family this afternoon so I’ve only just got around to making you the video, but it looks like you’ve already done it now.

Oh well, for anyone else who is just desperate to get past level 4 - I can understand why, because I throught that level 5 was awesome - then here is a really cheap and dirty way (1 star) to complete level 4 in 1:35. I feel unclean posting this video. :disappointed_relieved:


I couldn’t live with myself, just leaving that video there, without adding a silent assassin run of level 4 (3:48):


(Sorry about the triple post)
I don’t normally check leaderboards for lower levels on escalations. For me, it’s all about the final (hardest?) level. But because I’d just done level 4 I checked it on Xbox One and it seems that UnknownGamer477 is #1, having completed level 4 with a silent assassin rating in 1:07. Is this possible? Have we all been missing something really obvious or is UnkownGamer477 a dirty rotten scoundrel?


Oh IOI, you utter plonkers! I’ve just completed my first playthrough of Situs Inversus (which was brilliant fun, btw, great job guys), but you’ve kinda half-ruined my goodwill towards you tonight as I’ve seen that you’ve just put in the Challenge for completing this horrible Escalation (which I’d already finished on level 5), so now I’m going to have to play the last level again to unlock the challenge.

I never wanted to return to this Escalation ever again, but now I will have to just because you didn’t put the stupid challenge in the game first time round. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.


I’m glad I’m not the only one this has happened to. :disappointed_relieved:


Repeating level 5 was easy on this one when re-doing it for the challenge. Did it first try without even remembering how I did it last time.


Heh. I put off completing this escalation out of fear this would happen. Now I can go back to it.

(I hate this broken escalation so much.)


Good for you.



Yeah bummer we have to redo it