27.09.2016 (09.27.2016) The Mallory Misfortune Escalation


Man fuck this. I’ve had that happening to me too. No way I’m going through this shit once more. They better come up with a fix.


I also had to do level 5 once more to get the challenge done :flushed:.


Would have been nice to give it to those who already completed it before, but maybe that wasn’t possible?


That’d be great. I don’t see how it’s not possible to give the challenge - as long as they scan 5/5 complete with a score for this mission, they award the challenge. Don’t know how hard it is to be honest.


When is IO gonna patch this bug so the challenge for this escalation unlocks? I’m really not trying to do this pain in the ass escalation again. Lol


It’s not that hard to do, I even almost got SA on it.
All it takes is time, and maybe the emetic syringe to keep the stalker busy for a while.


I use the gun drop a lot. Especially in Colorado mission, since they are laying on the tables. I never thought of the coin cookie crumb maneuver. I have used coins but never thought to lay them out in a cookie crumb fashion. As far IO, I don’t think this was a mistake. It looks to me that is the way it was intended to play out. But you have to place the coin, not throw or drop. If you don’t place it then another guard might investigate.

I think one guard can have a single ? over his head at one time. So he can only go to one coin or one gun at a time. I have discovered if he sees both he will revert to going to the gun.

I also never realized that if the wrong guard is coming towards your object you can bump him, and he will continue on his normal routine, and the other guy will get the ? over his head and come investigate. But just don’t bump him too much or he becomes suspicious.

Man, I love this game.
So many nuances to it.


I have not done that Escalation level yet, but I have seen Mr. Freeze use that technique. I think it is level 4 you can’t kill him or subdue him but it does not say you can’t make him sick. Maybe leave a gun in his path too. Does the stalker just follow you ? Like I said, I have not experienced that yet.

I was stuck on level 2 of it. I was trying to drag the guy who keeps washing his hands across the hay bale area to a gas barrel and kept getting seen. I did not notice the gas barrel near where the mechanic was. And if I did I couldn’t figure out how to lure him there. I knew I couldn’t get past the guards with the open gate door. Till I saw the gun drop coin cookie lure move.
At least that will get me past level 2.


I said fuck it and screwed SA. And, to some extent, that was IOI’s idea with Escalations. They wanted to throw out some of the normal conventions and explore the “fun” side of Hitman.

All-in-All, I thought some of the Escalations were fun!

But this one can burn in hell.


In levels 3 & 4 there is a stalker. Level 3 was easy since you could pacify or kill him.
But what about level 4 when you can’t touch him?

I try to stay hiding and set up a kill but he seems to always know where I am
I know you can stick him with the emetic poison needle but that only keeps him away for a short time.

He is one royal pain in the ass!


This is one of the hardest escalations in Hitman 2016 and i had to do level 5, 2 times so i could get the challenge :joy:.

I used the emetic syringe on the stalker subdued the woman (forgot her name :open_mouth:) so she wouldn’t find the rifle i put near the oil drum, lured the target out with coins so he would see the rifle, when he was about to pick it up i shot the oil drum, but i haven’t played this escalation after the viewcones was changed, but i think this escalation is even more difficult now.


Thanks, Ingrobny.
Ok, that will keep the stalker down long enough to do one. What about the other guy you have to put in the hay baler? Since you only have one emetic syringe you can only stall him once.

Oh way, does he stop and pick up guns like the other guys do?
If he does, I can get rid of him that way.

Level 5? I don’t even want to know. lol.


What about the dude working on the car in the auto shop?
Would he see the rifle?


Hay baler guy is not so difficult, use a FE to take him out. I think the best method to deal with the stalker is to lure him to the other side of the map then emetic syringe him like Ingronby said, then take out both targets and leave fast.


If you wait until the stalker is farthest away, you have the time to put the target in the hay baler machine.

No, not the stalker, but the target in the room near the oil drum will pick up the rifle, but maybe you can place a gun and distract him as well.

Isn’t he one of the targets? If not i subdued him as well :smiley:, i don’t remember, maybe place the rifle so he can’t see it.


I thought a remote breaching device will blow up a fuel tank leak
You would think the tiny spark it creates would.
But it did lure the target over to tank anyway.
So, at least it worked but not as planned.


I shot it so the oil leaked out and then shot the oil and killed the target that way, but i guess you could use rbc as well, i think you could also lure the stalker with the rbc.

Did you get SA on level 4? In that case, congratulations :smiley:.


Ok, so experimenting. I found.
That if you put a breaching charge on a gas barrel, it will explode.
But not if you puncture it or shoot it first. That is weird.


I was in Colorado mission, and I put a breaching charge on the Oil or gas tank near the mechanic shop.
When the guy came over and lit a cigarette. I ignited the breach charge.
It not only blew up, caught the guy in flames, but he shot across to the other side.
It also happened when I put breaching charge on the gas barrels.
Even though it said “body found” there was nothing left of him.