2nd Elusive Target reactivation

Dear IO,
I purchased my copy of HITMAN at the begining of September 2018. I missed a ton of ETs and now when HITMAN 2 is knocking on the door, I wonder if I’ll have the ability to ever play them. If I would not be able to do so in HITMAN, I’d feel kinda cheated, because I’d just literally pay for quarter of the content. I started playing just when The Fugitive was out.
Thank you so much for any response! Again, will you make a second rerun?
Regards, Hitfan

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The ETs that are being released now are actually on their 2nd rotation. They originally came out in 2016-17.
Chances are that IO are going to focus on Hitman2 content after the last Season1 ETs are finished, so don’t hold your breath on their being a 3rd rotation. Rather there will be new ETs for Hitman2


Your math is slightly(not really) wrong.

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There is no focus in that. They just need to make their servers run it. Thats it.

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As @introvert_ said the Elusive Targets are on their second actual rotation. I believe that IO has stated that there will be a new set of Elusives for HITMAN 1 some time after HITMAN 2 releases. We don’t know yet if any of the previous targets will come back for a third time though, or if they will be available either in HITMAN 1 itself or in the remastered levels of that game included on the Legacy Pack on HITMAN 2.

Also, you didn’t pay for just a quarter of a content. As you play, you’ll find that this game has tons and tons of content, even if you can’t play the Elusives themselves.


Well, hopefully we’ll be able to try them even in the hitman one. But since not being able to would deny me the suits, i’d be mad at them a little.

There might be ways to get those very suits in HITMAN 2 post release. Who knows?

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I’m sorry for your loss, but Elusives targets are around since 2016…

That being said, i’m totally ok to reactivate them again, or make them replayable for those who completed them.

That would be a 3 way opportunity for players:

-> Newcomers able to play ET for first time
–> Those who played them already able to replay them (and maybe make better runs)
—> A chance to kill the missed Elusive Targets

But since Hitman™ 2 releases soon i dont think we can expect Elusive Targets reactivation before a while…


Hitman 2016 will be a dead game post-November in terms of players so I don’t see who’d still be playing.


They might reactivate them for legacy pack owners but who knows really

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I Just Got Into Hitman To Play Up For Hitman 2 (Was Ill And Missed The ET Primetime) & I Would Absolutely LOVE A Redrop Of ET’s For Season 1 :heart: Anytime

Hey there!
Do you know that you can just download the HITMAN 2 Starter Pack (it’s free!) and play the HITMAN (2016) levels there?

That way you don’t have to unlock everything again when moving to HITMAN 2. And the ETs are coming to H2 as well.

@Starfire_Horizon (not sure if I replied to your post)

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If you own the complete version of HITMAN then you can download the free HITMAN 2 Starter Pack, claim the Legacy Pack and then play HITMAN levels in HITMAN 2 for free.

The Elusives are currently making their Legacy Pack re appearance.

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Thank You Both Absolutely! That Will Save Alot Of Time, :sweat_smile: And That’s Amazing To Know About The ET’s. Have You Noticed Trophies For H1 Included & Unlockable Within H2, I’m Sure That Answer’s A No Brainer?! However I’d Like To Verify With You ExPros!

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You can unlock trophies for the HITMAN levels. They count towards HITMAN 2 though because you’re basically playing HITMAN 2 with the updated levels. :slight_smile:

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