30.06.2016 (06.30.2016) The Lupei Sensitivity Escalation

This turns out to be a good thursday after all :smiley: the forum is working again AND we have a new escalation.


Thank you for your updates. I think I will do this one after finishing the ET tomorrow.

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So i assume this guy is related to that secretary? He’s going to pay for her being so annoying.

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Hey @Fortheseven, are you ready for this one and what do you think about the picture I posted?

Ready in like 15 minutes. Oh yeah totally forgot about that pic because the forum was down. Ill check it again later and comment!

Well observed! looks like he is, i didn’t think of that :smiley: oh yeah he will pay for his obnoxious sister :joy:

Or wife, or cousin :smirk:


Nice typing.


So honest question. are the escalations actually worth playing nowdays? as in they got better in design? Im still having too much fun just free forming the missions but am curious. i played the first couple and they weren’t very fun…

LOL i think he need new glasses or clean those he already have.

Any reward for these yet?

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Ye the last couple ones are more fun :slight_smile: Ignatiev Integrity, Gladwyn Simulacrum, those are really fun imo

The weekly @ingrobny :smile:


I think they’ve really improved. I’m a bit of a completionist, so I’d do them anyway, but I know with the earlier ones I was just happy to complete them. However, with the more recent ones I’ve been determined to get SA at every level and a good score.


There’s at least one more “family member” actually. A day or two ago someone made a contract called “Perssons of Interest”, in which you had to kill three peope with that same name with explosions.

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Just got to level 3, and i’m done with this one. You need the masseur outfit, but level 3 complication is that you can’t pacify anyone. So no SA. So i’m not gonna bother untill they fix this shit.

Unless there is a masseur outfit somewhere? Anyone?

EDIT: @Travis_IOI please either drop a masseur disguise somewhere, or remove this no pacify complication. This ruined this escalation, just like The Perkins Disarray.


Noted. I’ll pass this feedback on.


Thanks, much appreciated.

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Not good… i ended up doing the Perkins Disarray, i found the bodyguard disguise, so had to kill a auction staff.

But i don’t understand why IO-I can’t find other methods to escalate the escalation, especially after all the complaints about the Perkins Disarray. (looks like they did excactly that ingrobny, in your own face, you moron)

They added an auction staff disguise aswell, so that one is fixed and doable with SA. All they have to do with this one is add a masseur disguise and it’s fine. Or remove the no pacify complication.

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