31.01.2017 (01.31.2017) The Farley Crescendo Escalation


Since nobody have made a thread about the new escalation, i figured out i could do it :smiley:.

Hitman Interactive Maps:



I think everyone was so into the Landslide mission and busy trying out the Pro Difficulty that nobody noticed the escalation!:joy:
They were all:


I have waited for a Colorado escalation for awhile, was stuck on the first one. Now I can finally get the trophy.

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Hahaha i know, i’m doing level 1 now :smiley:.

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You mean the one with the scarecrow, it was hard and i had to do it twice because IO-I added a challenge to it later on :flushed:.

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The first level was easy enough, i used the gas lamp :smiley:.

Same with level 2 gas lamp and antique lethal poison syringe :smiley:.

Level 3 same kill methods, but was spotted when i hacked the computer :flushed:.

Level 4 same kill methods, but everything went wrong :scream:.

Level 5 same killing methods and everything was perfect :blush:.

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it’s much easier, when you have 2 lethal syringes :sweat_smile:

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I know and when i did the two first level i was an idiot, i ran down to the garage to pick up the wrench to loosen the valve on the gas lamp, when instead i could just shoot the thing with my gun :joy:
But i wanted to use the lamp and one lethal syringe :smiley: i’m not a speedrunner you know and if i was i would be a pretty bad one :joy:.


lol. I was playing level 4 and randomly failed because I didn’t hack the laptop. :confused:

I was still playing and obviously couldn’t exit so no idea wtf triggered the failure.

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Hahaha what? How? like failed and back to the menu, like ET fails? :fearful:


Yip. :confused:
Some words

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Wow, no wonder why you don’t like Colorado that much :flushed:.


Actually I figured out why it failed.

I accidentally shot the laptop.


Hahaha okay that would result in failed :joy:, kill the targets not the laptop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


This one looks simple but fun. Will give it a try after finishing reinstalling the game and playing some Landslide.


It was, i was a bit sceptical since the scarecrow escalation, but this one was much, much better :smiley:.


If this means no more making a target travel to unlikely and forced killing spots at the other point of the sector, then I’m good with it.


Yes it does, no need to use a trail of coins or anything like that :smiley:.
I would give you likes if i could, but :fearful::


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The scarecrow part was fine by me but the middle ground before it was just absurd. From levels 2 to 4 were badly implemented.


I don’t remember all the level, but i remember the stalker and i had to kill the target in a fire :fearful: i don’t know how many times i had to do it without failing and then IO-I included a challenge for it and i had to do level 5 all over :cry:, but i was very happy when i completed it :smiley:.