47 eating an apple in 'End of the Road'

You know what they could of done better with this scene in the game? Agent 47 eating an Ice cream cone instead of an apple since it’s very hot in the desert. Not trying to sound funny but it could of been a little better.

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changed the title so people can actually understand what this topic is about.

I always liked this screenshot

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yeah i do to, but it could of been a little better with an ice cream cone in his hand

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I think that’s the only time we’ve ever seen 47 eat something

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yeah, well in Blood Money there’s scene were he’s drinking water

Hmm… In which mission or cutscene is that? I don’t seem to recall it.

before the white house mission i think

You don’t get abs like 47’s by eating ice cream. He probably treated himself to a nice tofu burger after he finished up with Lenny.

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In Hitman Contracts Hunter and Hunted load screen you see Chinese food on the table or was it milk? I can’t remember and can’t find the full wallpaper of the mission

That’s Slaying a Dragon.

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Now I remember! It was in the cut scene of Hunter and Hunted. He drinks water. But I remember something about milk

I love End of the Road. Even though it’s practically a cutscene, but 47 is such a badass leaning against his car and casually eating an apple, calmly interrogating Lenny while he digs his own grave. And then the option of either killing him or driving away. I always choose the latter.

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Well, all this talking about the “End Of The Road” mission reminds me of one thing about Lenny’s kidnap if you read the quotations I made below.

“See, A Town Like Hope Just Ain’t Enough For A Guy Like Me”
“I Need The City. That’s Where I Thrive. Chicago, Man, That’s Me. I Could Run That Town.”
“We Went Down There To Pick Up This Chick. This Bald Guy Thought He Was Gonna Stop Us.”
“He Brought His Boys, Thought He Was The Man And Shit. Pop Told Me To Take 'Em Down.”
“I Must Have Killed Fifty Or Sixty Of Them. One Shot, One Kill. That’s How I Roll.”
“This Girl, She Was Real Fine Too, Dog. I Had To Smack Her Around A Little Bit.”
“She Was Real Scared, Was Crying And Shit. But I Think She Liked It. I Told Her Where I Stood.”
“Not The Talkative Type, Huh? You Know Your Place…Well, Uh…I Like That In A Barber.”

I liked this quotation Lenny made before Agent 47 kidnaps him at the barbershop it kind of made me laugh a little. afterwards I unlock a trophy “Like Stealing Candy From A Baby”

Nice photo dude!! keep uploading Hitman photos in 4K if possible :wink:

This mission could easely be the last segment of “Shaving Lenny”. I don’t understand why the developers created “missions” like this one and “one of a kind”. I could understand if they were segments from larger missions, but this choice is just silly. It makes it seem like they wanted to stretch their material into 20 missions, when they only had material for 15-17.

from what I heard from a fan, that when Hitman Absolution was under development, the team that developed Kane And Lynch took over the the project…if that is true

I think it would be appropriate for 47 to eat an ice cream cone because an ice cream truck can hit Lenny and kill him in the easter egg.

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He is a devoted follower of the cult of Apple as well as developers.

But how annoying would it be if you had to stop in the middle of a mission to let 47 take a shit?


I am just imagining 47 on the side of the road with the pants pulled down taking a dumb. LOL

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