47 keeps walking

Hi everyone! Been a while since I visited, had to sign up all over again. Love what you’ve done with the place, shame I left all my achievements and avatar in the other place. No carryover there either huh :smiley:

Anyway, quick question I noticed during my first minutes of gameplay in Hitman 3, on Xbox, trying to make abstraction of the problems carrying over progress from H2 and all that.

The direction key seems to be sticky. When I walk, 47 will continue walking even when I put the nub back into neutral. I actually have to move it to the opposite direction in order for 47 to stop walking.

Is this a setting that can be changed? A bug? Server lag? A faulty controller? That last option I doubt because I haven’t encountered it in any other game.

I don’t know what it is, though I presume it’s a Server Lack, since I also entcountered it yesterday and a few other Times in Hitman 2 aswell, though never in offline Mode.

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In the end it was a faulty controller. Apologies for the nuisance. It seems Hitman is the only game I have that is sensitive enough to notice it. My analog stick gets comfortable in a position that’s slightly to the right and up of the real neutral position.

Time for that series x and a new controller.