47 moving towards camera bug

Whenever I play Hitman 3 47 will randomly walk towards the camera (not in game camera the one we use to look around)with ruins the game as you need to hit precise shots in every mission(I’m on Xbox one if that helps).

Does anyone else have this?
If you do how do I fix it?

@SkellyBob10, I found that this works. 1. Saving the game, 2. Then leaving mission. 3. Then reload save works for me.

the security cameras? hmmmmmm. never heard of something like that. got an example? also reminder i’m no IOI employee. just a guy seeing if he help a fellow gamer out.

@Agent_MJ, i think he means the camara behind 47. Not security cameras or the taking pictures/ opening Dubai windows camera.

It’s kinda difficult to understand what’s going on here without a bit more nuance (maybe like a short video clip of what’s happening).

I’d almost guess that your left analog controller is a bit buggy. Like it’s thinking you’re pulling the stick down (moving towards the camera).

I’m guessing ^this is what you mean.

Maybe try another controller while playing H3, or perhaps the same controller on another game.

You might also check to see if the analog stick/camera control sensitivity wasn’t changed somehow.

ah so like it’s stuck in that one position and 47 marches through it.

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@Agent_MJ, yes you go into a first person perspective.

I just bought hitman 3 and my character keeps moving towards the camera where I look around how can I fix this tell with very detail on how to fix this or did I just waste my money

If you’re using a controller and you think you’re experiencing stick drift, go here on your console browser: https://gamepad-tester.com

You can test out your controller and see for sure if either stick is drifting. You can also see if any buttons are not responding . For me on Xbox, I’ve killed the LB Button (run) on a few controllers playing Hitman over the years! :joy: