47 & Mr. Gray... Cooperative Missions for future Hitman

So i have been thinking about what the next hitman could be, and with all the horrible experiences 47 & gray went through, and it’s hinted somewhere in this forum Diana and 47 will be a PI Firm, why not do high-profile cases in beautiful places once more, just with more of a Blood Money Theme?

IIRC Blood Money was based around stopping “the franchise,” but if you ignore that, the people we took down ween’t good people, so that would make the theme of Hitman Next that much more appealing IMO.

Take that, speedrun :laugingemoji:

It has come to my attention Mr. Gray doesn’t make it, possible a new character from Prividence, or Dr. Otmeyer’s lab?

Providence has been destroyed by taking out targets in HITMAN 3, no?

Yes, however Diana and 47 Remain, and there surely are more of Dr. Ortmeyer’s ‘patients.’

by what i said about Providence, i meant whoever created the clones. Gray and Ian were 2, i was under the assumption that Providence started the program, but starting Chongqing left me more informed.

What does speedrunning have to do with this?

Well, if the stories were also available in Cooperative Mode the AI could change patterns, but my initial comment was made towards possibly Gray (now i’m thinking Olivia) could be a second hitter in the Campaign, and speedruns were estimated as very fast, with 2 infiltrators playing simultaneously, but asynchronusly.

Now that i’ve passed Chogqing and got more of the story (haven’t seen the videos for Argentina or Romania) i thin another player could be introduced into the next Hitman, even with the ICA gone, Diana, 47, and Olivia are still among us, if you know what i mean.

Well speedruns in itself are their own regard of interests. They don’t pertain to anything storywise - most speedrunners don’t usually pay attention to the story so they focus more on gameplay. That can create tension between people who play Hitman for the story or gameplay and in a rarer regard come off as an elitist genre. Even in most cases speedruns are a populated culture for platformer games, with Hitman not being a platformer game it’s an extremely niche interest.

Seeing as you only played through to Chongqing, I’m going to give what I can without spoiling the story. The biggest aspect I can take away from the story is how a certain bond has grown with Diana and 47. They’ve been working with each other for years, with no Diana to guide him he’s just brawn without a brain - if that makes sense at least.

Respect your opinion, but I think 47 needs to work alone moving forward like the good old days. I know he was technically working alone in missions during the WOA trilogy, but I like it when he has no ties to anyone other than Diana.


And occasionally a Smith appearance. You save him and he gives you a key card.

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Well, if Mastery was left as a saparate ‘thing,’ for Campaign and Cooperative and some basic but useful unlocks were available, 47 (with or without Diana’s asistance, ala’ Blood Money (higher difficulties didn’t have ICA assistance, or was that Absolution?)) and the next candidate for “saving” from the fate of Ortmeyer’s projects could be a worth-while Cooperative mode. Only the AI would need to be adjusted, to make the Campaigns on the norm, but Cooperative could shift NPCs into different positions and perhaps even give a different plot like Bonus Missions do.

Reading this over, Solo Campaign would trump Cooperative Mastery, Cooperative would just be some bonus mission-like unlocks with what people are calling “reskinned items,” basically like the fish-slap is so popular but not needed to complete the missions, unless you want the Achievement.

But overall, completing a location on a Bonus Mission Style Cooperative might be worth looking into, it works well with Splinter Cell since Chaos Theory, and Blacklist, and Chaos Theory Coop is highly regarded as the best in the series.

Agreed. One Smith appearance per game would be dandy.
And Mei Ling if we are visiting South East Asia at all.

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Not really fleshed out but maybe something as co op player as handler looking at map like old games. Maybe looking through cameras. Maybe they can hack or set up traps and distractions.

has to be more than just watching dots on screen and looking through ccv but maybe something is there.

So liasons to 47, would be interesting, completely different from 2 players starting from different locations and just pwning the improvised AI ( more of them, and perhaps more aware.) maybe both, if Hitman Next Had, like i said 2 players interating with the Bonus Mission style Locations, with possibly more targets and/or more secondary objectives, might make for a more enjoyable experience for many of us.

So the number of targets would be increased, or like Dartmoor, Secondaryy ( and tiertieary, etc) coul d be in place to gain more Master as Coop unlocks.