47’s Safehouse should stay for Future Games

After playing Freelancer and now that we’ve all had chance to settle into 47’s new surroundings, I personally feel the Safehouse should become a new central base point for 47 as we look to the future with new Hitman games.

I know when 47 and Diana went Freelance, the Safehouse was only probably only ever intended to be a temporary residing place for 47 post Hitman III until they got themselves established, but I personally think it’s too much of a cool setting to abandon in the next game.

From what I’ve been reading since Freelancer’s release, everyone seems to absolutely love the Safehouse as well.

What does anyone else think? Does anyone else think the Safehouse should stay for the next Hitman game?


wouldnt it be funny if the next hitman game was a reimaging or an actual reboot starting from scratch :slight_smile: thusly losing any reason to keep the safehouse


47 mainly stayed on the move as part of helping to not only stay a step ahead of anyone looking for him, but also keeping ICA’s secrets from falling into anyone’s hands. At this point, with everyone knowing enough about 47 and wanting to take action against him for genetic purposes dead (except perhaps the Mystery Man), and all major criminal organizations in the world being fledglings who are being kept under control in Freelancer, he doesn’t really have reason to keep running.

And if IOI plays it smart and brings back the ICA in a future game, re-established under Diana’s administration, we know she’s competent enough to hide their activities without the need for agents to be constantly on the move. And as the golden goose asset of any incarnation of ICA, 47 would have permission to remain at his current home even if Diana reinstated the don’t-stay-in-one-spot-too-long policy.

And of course, there’s the coolest (and most realistic) outcome of all: multiple safehouses around the world.


*Alpha Protocol vibes intensify


I don’t want any sentence like that ever repeating again haha

Good point to be fair.

I’m sure if IOI wanted 47’s Safehouse to remain as part of the franchise moving forward, they could come up with a cool story for it, very much like what you’ve mentioned here.

Like you said, if all these criminal organisations in Freelancer are under control by 47’s Freelance work, there’s no need for him to keep running.

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It always chagrins me to know that Obsidian Entertainment once looked into licencing the Glacier Engine from IO to create a spiritual successor to Alpha Protocol.


Ya we only got 1 and that was in Sapienza. lol