47 stuck in coffin

So here I am, Agent 47, just feet away from my target (Zoe on Isle of Sgail) during the story mission ‘Last Honors’, and the Constant is just standing in front of my coffin, like a psycho. I can’t kill him or it’s game over. I can’t get up or anything really except let him pay his respects, for 20 minutes now. Is this a test? Do I have to stay like this until he gets tired? Is the game broke or stuck in some sort of endless loop? Any help is appreciated.

That sounds like a bug. I’d reload an auto save if you can.

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I tried that a couple times. I’m about to just reload from a much earlier spot, but just want to see if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I mean i’m pretty far in now. Maybe I can wait him out.

For me, he said a brief monologue and then moved on in about 30 seconds - So it sounds like he’s stuck for good I’m afraid.

Don’t you need the dagger though?

looks like a bug thread entry to me…

Ugh I just got this. They still haven’t fixed it with all the patches they have done. Reloading doesn’t do anything the quest is just broken.

If you don’t have the dagger 47 just snaps the person’s neck instead.

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This is a better story than Harry Potter. “So here I am…”

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That is ridiculous, it actually turned me off to that level entirely. Hope they find a fix soon. Had the dagger and everything.

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Yeah this game is complete junk almost everything is broken. I gave up on that one and went to do the one where you shoot the target with the cannon ball. Same basic type of crap I start the event by setting fire to the money and the target shows up. I ask her to come up to the top so I can set the burning man statue on fire and she just walks away (gets stuck right by the entrance to the art gallery)and the entire crowd acts like the event is still going on but she just books.