47 was never a child because he was born a grown man


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe 47’s childhood was retconned in Absolution, Before that he was a adult clone.

What do you think?


No 47 had at the very least a late childhood at at most an adolescence. It has been that way since Silent Assassin with the Ort-Meyer Diaries.


With the promotion of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, IO created a series of Notes done by Ort-Meyer regarding 47 upbringing. The journal starts in September 5th 1964, in the entries Ort-Meyer refers to the clones as boys. The idea of the clones starting out as children have been present since SA.


This is a blatant lie.


You got us! It is all blatant liiiiieeees and outrrrrageous libel on our part.


They couldn’t’ve just made up or 3D printed 47 like Lola from the 5th element. He had to have been (probably) grown in a test-tube first from an embryo. Unless you’re saying he grew up while inside the test-tube and let out when he was adult size. I don’t know of any lore suggesting such a thing. Then again… I’ve never really researched the lore.


I keep reading the topic title as:
47 was never a child because he was born a grown ass man :smile:


There is no lore in the HM universe that suggest him being grown as an adult. Only sgg847 “believes” in that theory, even if there is enough facts tells a different story.


If 47 never was a child how are subject 6 and 47 childhood friends? :thinking:

This teori does not make sence to me.


Hm. I definitely would love 47 to be already adult when “created”. I thought this way, when Alexander said in BM, that albino is clone of the second class, which means he is the perfect one, but fast growing is also fast dying. Don’t know why, but after that I thought that 47 was grown fast but process of growing old is slowed.
And idea of 47 growing all the way through his age doesn’t make sense at some places
First, really, clones and DNA experiments in 50s?
Also I don’t understand why Franchise was hunting for Ort-Meyer documents or 47 himself - they wanted to get children assasins?
If 48s better than 47, how did they grow so fast? Or they were also growing for 40 years?


Uhh it was the Sixties and also it is a work of fiction.

The Marks all suffered from some severe form of cellular degeneration and only O-M had produced perfect clones and 47’s DNA would have been vital for the cloning program.

The 48s were not better they lacked free will and critical thinking and that is why 47 mopped the floor with them. We never find out how they came to be. Either O-M found a way to expedite the clone growth processes or he simply kept on experimenting after 47 had fled Romania.


While it has indeed been confirmed that 47 was at one point a child, I understand the OP in thinking that. The test tubes in Asylum Aftermath had full grown clones in them, after all. But I guess this inconsistency, as with all inconsistencies related to that game, can be written off as 47 remembering/dreaming it wrong.


I see it this way, the clones in the test tubes are 48 series. The series that 47 belongs to are dead and 47 was the only real success from his batch. Both the Ort-Meyer files and new comic gives us an insight into what happened to the rest of his series.

I see it this way, since it’s very time consuming for a human to grow from infancy into an adult. Ort-Meyer choose to create the 48 series with accelerated growth. Only taking a few years to reach adulthood and therefor they rely on the tubes. Also another thing to keep in mind is that, what we see is a dream.


Even in Hitman 2 it suggest that 47’s childhood memories aren’t his, but possibly someone else’s.


Uhh do you have a reference? Because HITMAN 2 clearly shows that he was a child at some point. This came after the complete restoration of his memories.


At some point after 47 took the memory potion he said something along the lines of “it’s as if these memories belong to someone else”. Npc’s at the arc club place talked about technology that would allow for memory transfer to another body.


47 was given a chemical injection and it is safe to say that induced chemicals do NOT work that way. Besides any technology at the Ark Society is still in its planning stages for the most part. 47 saying the memories are misplaced is simply him coming to terms with his memories again.


I was entertaining this theory as well (it not being his memories, not that he wasn’t ever a child), and i don’t think it’s totally unfeasible. What if what 47 had injected, wasn’t just a chemical, but a chip, like the Constant had, but with a false memories inside? (yeah, it doesn’t look like it in the cuscenes, syringes are different, but idk)

I’m thinking about the sub story in Deus Ex: MD (again), bc there is that storyline with Daria Myška and how she got accidentally implanted piece of some murderer’s personality with an experimental chip. And this storyline is strongly hinting on Adam’s own possibly fake/cloned memories (torso in the Versalife vault).

Since simillar technology is already mentioned in the Hitman’s lore, i do think this theory has come credibility, even tho… it would make the storyline even more convoluted than it already is.


I can’t tell what is worse: the MacGuffin that can cure amnesia or having false memories nanomachines be implanted in you. I am rooting for the former since it does not remind me of Metal Gear Solid 5 or any time nanomachines appeared in the series.

My God! Does anyone else now think Lucas Grey injected him with some nanotech kill switch like 47DIE?!


Lucas Grey… Fox?

I can’t. I just can’t handle my Hitman lore and my MGS lore crossing over. Please cease.