47 with Diana

How about a mission with 47 and Diana working together?

You mean like every mission in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2, because that’s what they basically already doing. 47 working with Diana. With Dana providing 47 with intel.

Diana isn’t an on-ground person, she’s a handler so you won’t see her running around in a map.


That’s even what Diana tell 47 in the prologue. She’s a handler not an agent she doesn’t go on missions. She oversees them she feeds 47 intel and he does the wet work


I assume 47 and Diana are working together on every single mission from the very very beginning of HITMAN universe


Well the comic says Diana was a mercenary ninja gal, right?


They are already close enough, maybe even too much in my opinion.

Diana remains an essential part of the game tho :+1:

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I absolutely refuse to accept the comics as canon.


But you said in our PMs that you love the comics and think they’re better than the games? :thinking: Oops, was I not supposed to reveal that? :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :smile:


Every Comic about the ‘Birth of Hitman’ can fuck right off, when it doesn’t acknowledge the Five Fathers. Fuck Janus and fuck Providence.


Wouldn’t even be surprised if the five fathers turned out to be the fucking ninja turtles in those god awful comics.


That would actually explain why 47 runs slower than NPCs.

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No, nothing would explain this crap

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Assuming you mean that 47 and Diana in the actual world together, walking around with each other etc. I wouldn’t say that would be a good idea.

I think a much better idea would be a spinoff game or gamemode where you play as a handler, would make a good multiplayer mode. I think it would be similar to Battlefield’s old commander mode.

Do they all run faster than 47? Some do, like the computer bloke on Haven Island, but I’ve not really paid any attention to whether others run faster than him.

This is not good idea.

Diana is in quite different area. To do some contract kills she must go for (I think years) of special trainings.
Of course anyone can kill, but to do it as ICA Agents do is not that easy so that anyone from the street could take an order.

It’s like a chef which would have been asked to perform a surgery

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They did 007 + Moneypenny in SKYFALL…

And you want 47 and Diana in the next HITMAN?





Don’t know about having Diana on a map with 47 (assuming that is what you mean). She is meant to be far away as 47 executes. Though even putting Lucas, a fellow assassin, on an actual map with 47 feels off too. I think it’s better off with 47 going solo


I’m just saying but putting story important characters like on a map that they aren’t ment to die idk later in the strory is a stupid idea. And here is why. If you would put them as actual npc it would mean that you can kill them, knock them out and other stuff. Then later you get a cutscene with them in it and it has no fecking seance. Like you put Diana on a map than someone like bigmooney makes kill everyone challenge and he needs to kill her and than you see her again in after mission cutscene and you get big BS out of it.

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I mean we already have the answer to that problem, oddly enough both of them in Isle of Sgail.

Constant is marked blue with a “DO NOT TOUCH” requirement to it, if you disobey this, you fail the mission. This could be applied to “allies” on the map.

Secondly, Grey is technically on Sgail with 47, he is in the Constant’s Helicopter as backup to get the constant if 47 does not. So although you can’t interact with him directly while you are playing, story wise he is there just in a spot you can’t go.