47's Face Part 2


Is it me or does 47’s look change slightly from time to time? I personally think that the look from the 2016 hitman on the cover is perfect. Not too exaggerated in terms of the cheekbones like in blood money but just enough to make him stand out. This look for hitman 2 I like but I think that maybe he could use some polish. If They’re going for an older 47 I just think they should make the wrinkles more defined but what do you guys think of the new look? Definetly better than the young look of 47 from the 2016 gameplay showcase of Paris.


Lots of people are commenting on this… but I must admit that I don’t see the difference. What do people think has changed?


His lips tho…


Through the new trailer, it sort of looks like 47’s textures haven’t loaded in completely yet. I guess it might just be a thing where they are working on it or something, I don’t know. The face is there, just less detailed, not well textured.

The clothes look less textured too. I’m sure all that will be fixed soon enough, hehe.


He did look younger in the 2016 version after having played (the oh so gritty) Absolution. And in 2, there is something different about him, but I can’t put my finger on it… I will say this, the artwork where he has the top of his head out of the shot… His head looks somewhat wider. Probably the cheekbones, but… I dunno.

And speaking of Absolution, I’ve seen polygon models of the 2 (Abs, vs H2016) showing the comparison. Now that it’s been pointed out, 47’s Absolution head will now always look a tad larger. :laughing:

Eh… Anyway, maybe polygonal models of 47 (Season 1 and 2) can be compared at some point.


Looks mostly like lips/chin/jaw area. I’m wondering what they were going for.


I absolutely hate that new face. It looks like 47 got a nose job before he hit the streets of Miami. I guess he’ll fit right in with that plasticy look.

I thought season one 47 looked excellent, both face and body wise. I hope this is a troll or they revert his appearance. It’s actually killing my hype for the game that’s how out of place it looks to me.


A lot of complaining…yet in every single game he looks different XD


But then what if the base game is totally the same so all they really changed was the face for no reason? Can you imagine such a world?!

Personally, it won’t impact my experience of the actual game, but I might still have an opinion about it. It almost looks like it got smushed a bit. Maybe 47 fell and faceplanted during development.


He looks great here.

Edit: 2018 Model makes this one look ugly lol I retract this point.


They ruined this series.


What are you talking about? He looks blank and lifeless.


I disagree, but respect your opinion.


Ain’t going to change a thing yo


They gave him Mass Effect Andromeda eyes.


You can see this same blank, emotionless face when he exits some of the stages. Like the basement exit in Paris, or the doors just past the metal gate in Sapienza. Even the metal doors in basement area of the Bangkok level…

I’ll admit, I do find it a slight bit funny. If he looked any more unconcerned he might have a ‘Derp’ face. :laughing:


The entire trailer feels as if its running on “Low texture quality”. I mean, look at this:

Maybe is just because of the “early” stage of development. And I say “early” because it is supposed to come out in 5 months…



47s Hands looked best in C47 and in Absolution, real Men Hands!


47 looked better in Codename 47. The three polygons that constructed his head were super polished.


While the focus might be on his eyes (they seem ever so slightly wider)… There’s also something about his mouth or mouth area that makes me want to dub him… Grandma 47(?). (edit: yeah, it looks flatter, I think).

The other topic mentions that IOI might be trolling us in a subtle way… Or maybe this will be the look he gets, and we’ll all just get used to it.

Or it might be a play on how young 47 looked when H2016 came out. I, personally, didn’t think it was bad, just a stark contrast to his look in Absolution… But they’re gunna make him look a tad older from his perfect 2016 model.