47's Face Part 2


One thing to keep in mind is that in Hitman 2016 47 had the opportunity to walk the runway in Paris to reach one of his targets . It wouldn’t look right for 47 to follow that opportunity if he looked as rugged and fictional as he did in Absolution. He had to look the way he did to pull that off convincingly.

Also, some of the prototype images shown in that one thread reveal that 47 was going to look like a cleaned up version of the Absolution model, and it just doesn’t look right.

Technically, it’s not the same 47, as he doesn’t have the numbers on his barcode like before that gave him his name and disclosed his birthday. This is part of the design decision to make 47 timeless, so that he didn’t grow too old. I do agree with the personality of the faces though. We need more of that in Hitman 2.


Yeah, I thought about that. Maybe they initially came up with that ‘opportunity’ and thought it was so cool that they decided to completely remodel 47’s face so he could blend in better as a fashion model. Obviously that’s kind of the tail wagging the dog, if they really changed his face just to pull off this idea…


Not just this idea. Every opportunity would look weird if grandpa 47 would pull them off.


Well, he wasn’t “grandpa” in Blood Money, still had a lot more personality than now.


IMG_20180725_134303From the latest Hitman twitter post. Looks like they updated his face again, I’m really happy with this iteration!!


Looks better so far I can tell.


can we get back to the sims joke


His eyes make him look weird. It still needs some work.


There is something in his face that says "I want to talk with the manager"
Every time they release some new photos the face looks a bit different each time.

This one has a grumpy look. I like it.


that’s the face of a man that needs to use the bathroom


Remember when this was going to be 47’s face in HITMAN™?




I told you kids to stay off my lawn


Cause I’ve always been so critical, @Clemens_IOI the new face looks great!

Now for his physique (I’m kidding).


It looks overall quite similar to the HITMAN™ one doesn’t it?



it’s overall very similar but this new one has a bit more human-like eyes and defined wrinkles. so a bit older looking than 2016.


And sexier lips. :blush:
But before the game is out you’ll see, it’s going to have some minor changes again.


I like the face.
And seriously … the guy on the right is TF2’s medic without hair…

Love it!


Exactly. That’s why it looked so familiar to me


Imagine 47 running around shouting “OKTOOOOBERFEEEEEST!”



Do you think the old face will be in 2016 Legacy Pack levels to signify the passage of time?