47's Face Part 2




It’s gonna take me a long time to warm up to his new face. I’ve really grown used to 47’s 2016 complexion.

What buggers me the most though is that while his new face is different… it’s not different enough. Like it’s the Hitman 6 face with something a little off. The eyes, maybe?


they’ve smoothed out his facial features, so it won’t be as rigid as 2016’s face. 2016’s face had some harsh features, which made him look like a loony in lots of lighting situations.

also they’ve made his eyes narrower, he looks much angrier now. the eyes in 2016 were the worst. they looked glossy and fake.

i’ve grown to like 2016’s face, but i’m glad they’re trying to improve it


Oh yeah, the eyes were bad. Literally shining all the time. I’m glad they are improving that.

I liked the sharp facial structure a lot. I wouldn’t mind keeping it at the cost of lighting problems, but I’m not the majority.


tbh it wasn’t even the sharpness of it. it’s just the placement of his facial features weren’t very balanced, mixed with the very flat angles of some parts. 20181001_230350

luckily it’s only in some lighting situations. but the eyes were definitely in need of changing. the way 47 is staring at Yuki with those bulbous eyes is horrifying :stuck_out_tongue: :


That cutscene always creeped me out a little because of that. Can you imagine having those alien eyes be the last thing you see before dying? Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy :laughing:


I feel like it is his jaw that is different, but I dont know man


His eyes are too small


For some reason I see him in that photo (the sauna kill) and I flashback to “The Springfield Files” and compare him to the fucked-up alien-like Monty Burns


I think the Absolution face is tied for the worst face model. Something about the wide potato head shape and the uncharacteristic perma-scowl, extremely thin eyes, bushy eyebrows, irritated looking skin texture. This absolutely ain’t it

2016 isn’t perfect but is much better.

I’m undecided about the H2 one so far


47 looked like a Easter Island Moai in that game, even the earlier models where he looks like an extra-terrestrial were a better fit.


I think they are trying to make 47 look similar to the original trilogy. Now i know that the textures/lights etc are still in pre beta (in the trailer).


the image on the left is not up to date. those are outdated


Personally Hitman™ face is my favourite one all games included :heart:


On left, from latest video “HITMAN 2 - How To Hitman (Tools of the Trade)”.

EDIT: Eyes look better now.


Looks too cute now, lol.


Definitely better, wish you had the lighting match for better judgement the Colombia photo makes him look more Dick Tracy square-headed.


His eyes and eyebrows look a lot more detailed


There’s not much bloom in hokkaido. This is what we get (after a little edit).


Yup. They have changed his eye color as well.