47's Face Part 2


im not gonna trust the faces they show us, anymore. they change it literally every week :’) i’m just gonna wait until they tell us that the face is final


Face is clearly still currently in development.


They should’ve stayed to the 2016 eyes. That’ll make the face look a lot better, I think


nah, they look like glass balls loosely held in by his eyelids


Really prefer the one on the left, if they keep it. Can’t place my finger on why though.

We’ll see- they might change it again three or four times.


His eyes looks a lot better on the left one.


Finally the grim look from the pre-beta trailers is gone. But I will miss the light-gray/blue eye color.


The grumpy/stone face bothered me since the first trailer.

I’m happy with this improved 2016 version, finally he looks a lot better.


My god, not this again! :joy::joy::joy:


He looks terrible in that picture with the glasses. What the hell is wrong with his eyes.

EDIT: In the colombia screenshots is the best 47 i’ve seen. it literally looks like an HD Codename 47 model… i’m digging it.


his eyes look normal in that pic, have you never seen eyes? :stuck_out_tongue:


The biggest problem with the photo is his eye colour is to dark, it is not the powder blue he usually has. For me there is nothing wrong about his eyes or the rest of his face


oh no, IO is giving more fuel to the reboot-theorists >.>


I know you are probably joking, this might me a version of footage that is out-dated, it might be the lighting as well. I mean HITMAN had his typical eye colour


47 has acquired contact lenses for his freaky eyeballs


Eye color too dark and the magnification from the glasses make his eyes look too big too. It just looks unsettling to say the least I’ve never seen agent 47 look like that.


there’s no magnification, it’s just that the eyes are big.

i hope this isn’t the final one though, makes 47 look oddly cute with the big eyes


They could be big and pastel blue.


The lower half of his face reminds me of Liam O’Brien.


It has become more cartoonish. I like the H1 better