47's Face Part 2


That’s what I meant, the eyes are so, weird


Hm maybe the shader or some of the surface is slightly more stylised but the face definitely looks more human overall and makes the old one look like a mannequin in comparison

Edit, the eyes look fine to me, they seem in proportion


Im probably in the minority here when I say… i’m very glad they are updating 47’s face for HITMAN 2. He can come across very weird and just downright ugly looking in HITMAN 1. Now i’m not saying it’s all the time but under intense light is definitely the worst. The sharp edges and whatnot makes him look very conspicuous and grimly looking. He looks a bit off in normal attire such as the yoga disguise or anything not guardly.
And even then I think he looks way to caucasian in this game. Ever since Blood Money I believe. I’m not sure if everybody forgot, 47 is supposed to be ethnically ambiguous to a certain degree. Out of his five fathers two are Hispanic, One is Asian, and the other two European. In Codename 47, Silent Assassin, and Contracts, I feel like Agent 47s design displayed this unless it was just my imagination and weird 3D graphics back in the day.
47 can look very out of place in all these different countries with his very caucasian features. Like as a guard in marrakesh. Now in the latest Colombia footage I noticed he looked more like he did in the original trilogy and i’m into it. I think it is a step in the right direction with what they are going for with more soft features.


Also I made this edit proving the new model has an eye problem. if they fixed the eyes to look more like they did before but keep the rest we get one of the best looking (in my opinion) 47s. It looks very similar to Blood Moneys 47.

It reminds me of the Beta Blood Money face.Capture


Oh yeah that’s 47!!
The face is definitely better with Hitman™ eyes :+1:


The thing about 47’s face is that (Excluding Absolution’s portrayal of him) someone who is muscular and in the tip-top shape overall, couldn’t have such sunken and hollow cheeks. Because as far as i know, it’s a tell-tale sign of being underweight and i highly doubt 47 could do the shit he does if he was a scrawny toothpick. I’m pretty sure IOI has portrayed him with sunken cheeks to make his face resemble a skull, and thus, make him appear more intimidating.

I remember someone else mentioning this too back in my Postal_Dude days.


Nah he’s just got glass cutting cheekbones.


just like this guy



Somebody do a video of Hitman but replace all the effects with Arnie noises.


I actually feel like 47 looks a bit like Arnie in C47


See what I mean?


Too bad he is old too so he can’t do life-action movies of 47.

I think quite some people we never saw bald would have fitting facial structures.


makes him look like a lizard :no_mouth:


Well 47 is in part Austrian so it makes sense right?


Hahahah yep thats actually right :smile:


While I do like 47’s face in 2016’s…in good lighting situations, the updated one does look more…“engaging”? It just seems like the updated one doesn’t have that absent feeling I get when I take a look at 47 in 2016.

In this particular picture, it kinda looks like they’re going for the Blood Money approach and trying to inch in that 47 has been called either handsome or pretty in just about all the games and should continue to hold on to that label. :thinking: I just hope they make him have eye movement no matter what model it is…


exactly. he needs those snake like eyes its part of who he is. made in a lab void of emotion etc.


unless he was made in a lab from lizard dna I don’t follow :thinking:


Well like I assume you mean the shape of his eyes? What do you mean by Lizard


Well , i saw some footage of the colombia level and 47’s face gave the feeling that the good old 47 we know is back. He has a more agressive look ,his eye brows are more shutting down and his neck is longer than the previous , he looks much older as well and i do not see him as an attractive rookie spy/assassin anymore , he looks like a very serious man you do not want to mess with but still keeps his discreet way to behave.
Anyway i’m glad they changed it , can’t wait for the release date


Talking about his hansome spy look, he used his identical looking face to replace Helmut Kruger on the fasion catwalk. How would he blend in unnoticed with a face that doesn’t look as much as Helmut anymore? :thinking: