47's Face Part 2


I think he looks enough like Kruger, after all he’s still a handsome bald guy lol.


I’ve been playing the early Hitman games as I wait for the sequel to come out and as I was doing that, I did this little project of screenshotting Agent 47’s face in every game to see how he has evolved over the years.
What do you guys think?

Just a few notes when I was trying to screenshot his face:

  • Codename 47 and Silent Assassin had their lighting turned off.
  • Post-Filtering is disabled in Contracts and Blood Money.
  • Getting his picture in Codename: 47, Silent Assassin (Demo) and Blood Money are pretty easy to do since the first two games have a debug option that allows you to move the camera freely while in BM, you can make him face the camera since he doesn’t strafe anymore.
  • In Contracts, I had to use first person mode so I can see his face closer in a mirror but because Asylum Aftermath has the only mirror I know that I can walk right next to and that level was pretty dark, I had to use Photoshop to brighten his picture a bit.

And for a added bonus, here’s what Agent 47 looks like in the Closed Alpha version of HITMAN 2016.


The main problem with 47’s face in Hitman 2016 is that he does not have cheek bones which makes him look younger than he is and than he was previously. In the upcoming sequel they added some face traits and cheek bones.


Excellent work here!!

Blood Money/Hitman™ faces are the best ones imo.

Feels mature and sure of himself :+1:

Looking forward for Hitman™ 2 final face version ^^


after H2 releases, IO will release a patch every week that updates 47’s face :stuck_out_tongue:


Really happy with 47’s face in this. He feels like an angry businessman. Perfect. (do some pull-ups tho, 47 buddy)


Why so negative, Crypto?


“they ruined the series”
seen Sept 14

let’s have it stay Sept 14 :slight_smile:


Yeah, he looks far too young in HITMAN. They’ve slimmed him down, made him less muscular which takes away that rugged, tougher impression evident in previous games.
Absolution balanced this perfectly IMO.


If we are talking solely muscle build yes then Absolution is the best, but his face is still the worst in the series for me. I mean he looks like an Olmec temple head

Not that 47’s muscle culture matters much, if you wear the classic suit or any long sleeved suit it is a moot point since it hides the lankyness.


If I’m not mistaken, the most revealing shirt 47 wears in the game is one of the printing crew disguises in Marrakesh.
Right under the base of his neck lies an indication of ,what it seems like, just pasting the body from the NPC to his head and his muscle mass becomes more lanky than what the Sapienza suit suggests otherwise. :sweat_smile:


He looks about 46, 48 in HITMAN idk what you guys are talking about.


The problem is that he is not acting his age and needs to grow up :joy:


Yes, 47’s almost in his fifties by HITMAN, but he looks like he’s in his late 20s. I know he’s genetically engineered and all that, but the jump from Absolution (which had my favorite portrayal of 47, btw) to HITMAN is just too big to ignore. He’s also much slimmer now, effectively toning down the intimidation factor.


i’d say that the alpha version got the age features right, with the winkles and especially the facial structure that closely represents to Hitman 2 SA’s face mixed with David Bateson’s face.


But was caused a major outcry in the community because the face looked childish under certain types of lighting

i do love the current face of 47 in HITMAN 2016, which is somewhat close to the contracts facial build, though not perfect.


Absolution model remains my favorite look



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I still prefer the final face 47 should look more like an alien (and it is a better version of his old pre-Absolution face). That alpha face makes him look old and tired.


What…? I’m not even gonna…

Anyway, i always thought 47 looked perfect in Absolution. Handsome, but also tough and intimidating. His posture, facial expressions and demeanor were just perfect in Absolution. I’d loved it if IOI had gone with the same muscular model and badass face in 2016, just more cleaner since 47 isn’t on a run anymore.


The Abs. Face isn’t Bateson, therefore to me it isn’t the real 47.


Well then non of 47’s faces is the right one, since 47 appearance was never based on David Bateson to begin with. When Bateson was hired as the voice for 47 back in the day, the character design was already created. 47 looks is a mix of the five fathers and Lee Hong being the biggest influence, Lee Hong certainly wasn’t based on a White man from South Africa.

Him being bald and sharing similar features is just a coincidence and David Bateson being the template for the character is nothing more then an old rumor.

I can’t remember what Interview, but Bateson himself have debunked the myth.