47's Face Part 2


Moreeeeeeeeeeee texture
you like? :upside_down_face:


Your confusing opinion with fact again. Your being aggressively confrontational for no reason and your attitude leaves a lot to be desired.

You expect us to respect your opinion while giving no respect to anyone else on this forum. Learn now to talk in a civilised manner with people with opposing and/or different views.


Looks like he got a skin disease


After this day i’m changing ,i know that feeling bro" meme guy to forti seven from agensi

Good bye Wojak. You serve us well. You did well, i m proud of you. Rose knew the risks, they all do.


I think some of us would be more comfortable with 47’s facial design if we seen it go through a wider range of emotions and/or expressions. But, of course, that’ll never happen in game…

I myself can’t pin down what it is exactly that seems… off, or different. It’s very subtle. Then again, maybe it is the lighting. And in other screenshots, maybe it’s the focal length (or whatever) of the camera that makes his face look somewhat distorted and out of proportion.


why can’t they use the 3d model of him running in the snow back in 2015 he would be older and the look would be right, can’t be all that hard to select import button in the file menu.


Because that was CGI and not in-engine footage


so …you mean to tell me CGI does not have 3d models?just dumb down the texture. naughty dog can make realistic characters. why can’t IOI /WB


Have you not read my reply? That model wasn’t made on Glacier engine. Moreover, it’s likely that it wasn’t made by IOI at all and they just hired a company to produce the trailer. As for making realistic characters, they can’t do it for several reasons. First one is budget. More detailed models take more time to make, hence, they have to pay for more hours to each of the artists. The second reason is lack of technology. The game doesn’t run well on most systems, including consoles, even at its current state. Imagine how poor the performance will be with much more detailed characters. The third reason is that they prioritise other things because the game already looks fine. Also, your comparison with Naughty Dog is incorrect as they make very linear and small environments, have much longer development spans and make exclusives. The last one is very important because they can focus on one single system and perfect everything which IOI obviously can’t do


you don’t understand …3 years of development. and the game was already built. now with WB backing them money is not an issue …Arkham games for example, and when you commission artwork you usually can request files for a price.

If the graphics can’t be updated in said engine time to use a better engine (unreal, Unity, Cryengine, godot)

use blender for 3d and iclone 7 for characters.


Naughty Dog had 5 years for Uncharted 4. WB is likely to only be sponsoring the marketing. You surely don’t know much about game development, do you? Engine is, in the first place, a convinient tool for developers and other ones require licensing. And they do upgrade their engine (Glacier) to make better visuals. You seem to ignore the parts about scale and exclusivity


Whatever Fanboy…all I am saying is that they can take a chapter out of Hitman (You are only as good as the tools you work with)…so you have to share money with a game engine…giving money will help the game engine only get better…(you have stupid logic)…Glacier was used when they started out…if you don’t grow and take chances you get left behind…Bethesda is taking chances with Fallout…Hitman has regressed the textures on all models and is washed out…how can you make a beautiful game bland in 2 years…you tell me.

Oh…for your information…WB takes up the whole startup screen on the sniper challenge…I think they have more input than you think.


Kind of looks like they made him more ethnically ambiguous.


WB: “Ok we do a campaign for you. Costs you x% of your income and you have to put our logo into the intro screen.”
IOI: “Ok.”
WB: “But you have to deliver some footage so you might leave your work on other things aside until then.”
IOI: “Ok.”

No truth:
WB: “Ok we do a campaign for you. Costs you x% of your income and you have to put our logo into the intro screen. Plus toss most of your progress by dipping your engine and buying a new license for another engine. With your money by the way.”
IOI: “Ok.”
WB: “if it is not fancy enough, make it so. No matter if it can ever be that nice when being played.”
IOI: “Ok Ubisoft.”
WB: “What was that?”
IOI: “… OK Warner Bros-san!”


So what you are saying is that WB is calling the shots for Hitman?

I guess it’s a (Blood) Money thing.


Guys do we really need another thread for 47’s face

A lot of deja vu here


I dont know what WB is doing. It is just my very wild guess that IO does NOT toss their progress they did when Square Enix was around just to get WB doing their marketing.


I just want to know where are the visuals from season 1…Hitman face model was fine…if you want to make him older just import the Absolution model without the ripped clothes…you already have the base game built…don’t need to start over. Just copy paste the logic game components.


I still think this is just a case of bad illumination and the model is actually the same from S1. Numerous screens from S1 prove 47 was able to look goofy even there.


Hope you are right, but I got a bad feeling about this.