47's Face Part 2


It really is just the lighting. The human face can look radically different under different lighting.


I can only agree with you based on that…track lighting needs to be pinned to his face then…he looks like a crazed mannequin now…Global illumination needs to be fixed…lighting or the facial features are not right…hope it is fixed, I bought the gold edition based on season 1 and it’s visuals. (If it ain"t broke don’t fix it).


Maybe next time buy season 2 based off of how season 2 looks. Just a thought.


Still being a Tool I see…the game is a sequel to season 1 dummy…the visuals should not have gotten worse.


And when exactly did they go worse?

2000 npc’s on 1 map and running as flawlesly as the trailer suggests is considered better than ever in my books!
It’s just a goddamn face you are worrying about.

(Also maybe don’t judge games by ‘‘graphics’’ a. k. a. facial textures next time?)


You don’t need 2000 NPC’s running around using memory…use the memory to run HD characters and textures…(quality over quantity)…use liner levels or open world like red dead, assassin creed, tomb raider, blood money…it can be done.

Every game character should be able to look real by now there are free tools in blender for character creation (bastoni labs) and free textures on the web…and paid apps like iclone 7…no excuses.


What’s so stupid in your opinion? Your lack of arguments? I’d rather have more levels to enjoy than fancy graphics. The Order 1886 was a pretty game but it didn’t get any better because of it. Bethesda’s games (the ones they develop, not just publish) look so much worse than Hitman, so that’s a flawed example. I believe that the reason for it being so far behind 2016 is lighting, hopefully, they’ll fix that.


In the Miami Trailer it’s more than likely Alpha/Beta footage.

Exact same thing happened with the last game, he’s definitely going to undergo some makeover before the game is released.


Order 1886 must have made an impression on you if you remembered it…if it was like 20 hours of gameplay…you would be agreeing with me instead of arguing with me…Fallout 3 to Fallout 4 the visuals are a lot better so you have no argument.


Toby’s done so many missions over the past couple of years, can anyone really blame him if he wants to spend some of his hard-earned cash on a little face lift?


That’s not the poin…WAIT, Now that I think about it, that’s exactly the point - the point to show how garbage of a gamer you are, you don’t care for flawless fps, nor for gameplay not even for the story you only want better fucking visuals, and all those ‘‘fancy’’ graphics.

I know I might come out as mean & I am sorry, BUT, it’s just that you are judging the game from visuals OF A TRAILER! Not only that but judging games from graphics is a fucking shit thing to do!


But it’s been 10 years from Fallout 3 to 4, lol. Bad things are as easy to remember as good ones. The length of the game has nothing to do with qualtiy. For example, Wolfenstein 2, as much as I hate its level design, was a short but still very very solid game.


After all the drama to get a proper face and finally having it…

47 actual face is good enough, keep it as it is!!


You mean he looks like Agent 47? Y’know, the cold, blank, emotionless killer?


Jizzed my pants because of these sexy looking pics


I have hundreds to share, but the website seems buggy to upload multiple pics at once…

Stay tuned :wink:


You guys can stop blowing gaskets. The game now is confirmed to be PRE-beta. So images not up to par.

TLDR: face will be fine.


Please dont post that many images when not needed. Some people pay per gigabyte or have slow internet.


“just import the absolution model” you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Sure it’s possible, they run on the same engine after all, but you realize the art style between games is completely different and tbh Absolutions model is all hunchbacked and would look horrible with HITMANS animations…


I’m sure all this will blow over!!! Just watched IO at E3, the Miami Footage is confirmed to be Pre-Alpha so everyone can stop stressing over 47’s face.