47's Face Part 2


It’s Hitman season 1 all over again. All the baby face comments :joy::joy:


Sure, but if they plan to keep it the same, why change it in the first place?


No it isn’t. It’s Pre-Beta


Sorry, my face is tired from this thread


Well it was the same with the last game, his face changed several times before launch.


Some different shots of his face. In better quality, different lightning conditions …

And yes it looks like they finally animated his eyeballs. :sunglasses:


Too bad he looks like an alien now


hey looks exactly like in Blood Money, in the Second shot.


This isn’t Blood Money is it? This is the second part of a 3 part game. Why would his face been changed if HITMAN 2 takes place a few weeks (?) after season one. Makes zero sense.


Why does he look 20 years younger than in Absolution? of course it makes no sense.
Sorry, the post before was for @iSsueS :wink:


People complain too much.


Hitman community sometimes is so stupid and flips out over the most non-existent things


What non-existent things? He does say the face from E3 gameplays is newer and more improved than the gameplay trailer one.


It was obvious that this was not the final version. I have no idea why people began panicking that much over 47’s face and fiber wire animations.

I’ve seen people actually demanding statements from Travis over such silly things! A bloody statement!

A lot of things are bound to change until the release, what’s the point getting mad over pre-beta?


Now that we know 47’s face is different in HITMAN 2 (and it’s not just lighting), this begs the question: Why change it in the first place?

47’s face went through a lot of changes before settling on a final design in Season 1 and fans were pretty happy with it. HITMAN 2 is more or less a continuation of the last season except it’s no longer episodic. The engine and all the assets are the same. So why does IOI feel the need to change his look again?


This is because of what happened with HITMAN. Nothing much changed during release, except for the removal of the briefcase and human-shield.


I think they are trying to make the face look similar to Absolution’s model.


Probably because they want to make it look like a new game instead of just Season 2. Also, it has already become a tradition to change 47’s face with each iteration of franchise


he looks more angry than s1


His eyes look too small for my liking