47's Face Part 2


Welllll… You have to also account for increases in technology, modeling capabilities and polygon counts.


Wtf is he cross-eyed. The fuck this shit I thought one Corky the Clown look was more than enough smh


3d model it self is quite looking good doe
I like it
But definitely need more texture work


Where are these pics from :open_mouth: ?




Sill the best 47 face by far…


Not really. Looks fine for the grindhouse aesthetic they were going for with Absolution but would be out of place in the new games which are a lot more like James Bond and similar spy movies.


Perhaps they updated the Glacier engine? And 47’s face support more polygons now? Just theoryzing here, i’m no expert on the subject.


I actually like this new look, it reminds of Blood Money 47 honestly. I think the base is there and it will look even better by release.


“Son, I am disappoint” face.


Technical reasons (graphical improvement) or just creative decisions. Sometimes the look of your protagonist doesn’t really fit with the theme of your newer game or you’re going for a different art direction and the old look would look out of place.


its not only the Face, i also like his Bodytype in Absolution - and the Barcode has the Numbers!


why can’t they make it look like this?


matter of rendering engine

  1. The software(3d max-mental ray/ v ray etc…)
    they use to create the wallpaper and the game
    engine work differently.
  2. The wallpapers are perfectly set in the lighting
    , materials, more pieces of polygon

Identical but different.


I actually think he looks really good in the first two screenshots.


Where do you get these?


where did you get those new images??


I don’t think 47 looks nearly as good as he does in the current game and don’t understand why even bother to change his appearance; he just looks flat out weird to me.


I absolutely love this image/appearance. I hate the fact my gold edition won’t have this cover.


I see you and I raise