47's Face Part 2


Damn you people teasing… :joy:

But yeah, I’m also in the club of people wondering where these images have come from.


Lol, that’s fucking hilarious.


It should be “Still the best 47’s back of the head by far”. Because of the barcode having actual numbers and overall graphics. Also, the size and shape are proper and not like Blood Money


dont mind my mic


In some shots he actually doesn’t look bad. It’s just the structure of his face and mostly his eyes that make him look weird. Still prefer the season 1 look.


He uses the mic to blend in.


No he uses it to scratch his nose while dualwielding ballers.

No wait this will be no thing before S3


where did you guys get these new images?


47 still looks really cool but I’m still pretty certain his look will change again before November.


What’s with his eyes?


They don’t exist.
47 decided to undergo a special surgery where they remove his eyes.He’s blind but at least now witnesses can’t say he has blue eyes.One less thing to worry about


little more touch :wave:


If they did animate his eye gaze direction, as alleged above… that would very much require a new face model.

But it’s an exciting posiibility, because… maybe non-crowd NPCs also have moveable eyeballs? And if so, sightlines could be pegged to eye direction rather than face direction. Which could possibly improve some of the problems with enormous viewcones.


Looks good, like I say here’s hoping 47 looks more like that closer to launch.


Even though I don’t like absolution but the face looked much better in absolution with more detail.


It looked fine for the style of game it was (not a Hitman game), but it would look out of place here.


I feel uncomfortable
whenever I saw all the suits in hitman2016
because of the unnatural shape of the shoulder.
it even makes 47 look skinny (and slenderman arms)


Pretty sure that’s how one looks depending on the position of the arm, when wearing a suit.


So all this hype for Hitman 2 has got me back playing H2016, and I had a few comments to add to this thread.

To say that this…
looks better than this…

man, I don’t know what to say about that. I disagree, but that face worked well for the game it was in?

In terms of the face appearance itself, facial structure, outline, and features, I think 47 in Hitman 2016 looks better than any other version of 47, and if they decided to stick with that version in Hitman 2, I’d be perfectly alright with that decision.

I think the one area where the Absolution model is better than the 2016 model is in its expressiveness, not so much detail. In the right light, 47’s face is very detailed in 2016, impressively so for such a massive game with so much happening in one location, but the problem is the harsh lighting of certain areas almost washes away all of the detail that is put into the face. The face does lack signs of life in the eyes and eyebrows, I think. I notice this mostly in Sapienza, a place with loads more sunlight. There’s a lot more life in the pre-2016 faces than in the 2016 Season 1 face, notably in the eyes. To put it another way, Season 1 47 is how I imagine 47 looking in real life, that game pretty much hits the nail on the head, but I also wish his face was slightly more lively and characterized (and that the shadows weren’t erased by extreme bloom/sunlight effects). Not too much, but just a little bit to let you know that he’s a living thing.

Hitman 2 needs to take the overall likeness of 47 from Season 1, and make it more expressive, not cartoonish or overly obnoxious like Absolution (I don’t want him grinning while blending in at the claw machine, or him smirking like in the Hitman Season 1 reveal gameplay trailer, you know? His eyebrows and eyes reveal a lot more about 47 without betraying the substance of his character. As long as they aren’t Ethan Klein h3h3 eyebrows, lol.), but some noticeable movement wouldn’t hurt. The reason why I liked the look shown below which Pagan originally shared is because it seems to have some movement. The eyebrows demonstrate some character, but not to the point of looking over the top like in Absolution. They’re noticeable but not distracting. I’ve also noticed in some of the trailers that 47’s eyes actually move this time around, which will only help to make 47’s face much better in terms of character. He seems like someone with eyes that would be shifting often, darting around a room, taking in everything, but not constantly, as they’d also remain very focused, very fixed and static, when it comes to completing the task at hand. This Hitman 2 look with the narrowed eyes, implies he’s focused, serious about what he’s doing, and that gives them some degree of personality, subtle enough to be appreciated, but not enough to make you exclaim “this isn’t 47!” Combine that with the rest of 47’s look in Hitman 2016 and, boom, you’ve made 47.


While I think the model itself was damn near perfect in 2016, that’s not to say that there weren’t moments in H2016 that the face just didn’t look right. In those cases, harsh lights were to blame, as they washed away the shadowy, finer details Io clearly put into the face. Here I’ll show you some cases in which I think the face looks top notch, where the lighting enables shadows to emphasize his cheek bones, jawline, nose, and forehead shape. Excessive lights in these images don’t take away from the main character’s appearance, but instead enhance those details and features of his appearance. If we could get 47 to look like this all the time, his appearance would be at its best. The difficult part is figuring out how that can be done. I don’t know much at all about game development, but if it’s possible to make 47’s face retain at least some of these detailing shadows even in the harshest lighting, he’d look more like 47 and less like someone else.

If the face could like this 100% of the time, the face would no longer be an issue. This is how he’s intended to look, clearly, and they captured the essence of 47 in this character model. Note how the jawbone and the shallowness of his cheeks are accentuated in those images. His nose also retains some key shadows that give it shape and form, especially around the bridge and nostrils. Even his mouth is given some form by the shadows and how they move across his face. Compare the images taken from inside the Sapienza Church to this one taken outside in the cemetery.

The problem here, I think, is that the shadows don’t accentuate the right lines in his face. His jawline isn’t as sharp here, and the light has taken some of the details away from his nose and brow. You miss out on those details because of this strong change in lighting. On some maps, the face looks even worse than it does here. He looks kind of “doofy,” and, for some reason, he reminds me of a humanoid moose in this picture, lol. If the lighting was adjusted to retain and build on some of those characterizing shadows, to avoid eliminating those finer features, his face would look more like it was clearly intended to look. This is what we’re seeing in Hitman 2, in the club area of the Miami map, you can see more details in the face than you can out in the crowds and in the stands, bathed in direct sunlight. That’s the way reality works, of course, as a face looks different in certain lights, from different angles, but this is a video game, and the appearance of the main character should be placed before light and bloom effects.

So, to summarize, the problem lies less with the base look of 47’s face. It was near perfect in Season 1, and in the right areas of the maps shown above, it is the closest we’ve gotten to a realistic 47. The problem here is with expressiveness, an issue Io seems to be working on in this iteration, now that the base is there, as well excessive lighting and bloom, two effects that drain the face of the vast majority of its character and depth.


Do you know if the HITMAN 2 E3 gameplay trailer or demos had this implemented? I also read something about IO implementing eye movement which was lacking in Season 1.