47's Face Part 2


In some of the gameplay I watched I definitely did see some eye movement. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where that was.



When playing Blood Money a long time ago
I liked to just see him without doing anything

I miss his cold synical eyes from blood money

And look… natural shadows on his face under the light. This is what we need in hitman 2




did little touch on pre-beta image


I hope they adjust his shoulder a little


Loving the details, I’m hoping his tie is that colour at launch.


Now the suit is where I set a ?

In the promo picture he uses a wide spread collar with the knot being all the way up there, covering the button underneath.

Yet the in-game footage and loadout picture of him shows a more narrow collar with the tie not being tightened properly, resulting in it showing the button area behind.

I know it’s a tiny detail that really isn’t that important, but 47 is a well dressed man, he should at least have the tie sit right.
Wish they would fix that, and if not then I really really hope now, more than ever, that we can bring our old suits from S1 into S2!

Yeah I’m bit of a Suit enthusiast

The face itself looks good in the right lightning, but I do prefer the S1 look.


His face is different because PLOT TWIST we don’t play as 47 in HITMAN 2.

Kidding, of course! Let’s just wait until the game comes out. The beta face in HITMAN wasn’t great either. It actually was pretty bad. But everyone knows that.


fix shoulders ioi


I just want 47 to look like he did in the Blood Money promo art. Making him look older definitely made him feel more intimidating. Also why is he so skinny in the new games?


Skinny suits him better. Always on the move, always hiding and trying not to catch to much attention. You can’t blame him that he can not have a bodybuilding diet or a gym membership. Makes sense.

But we saw him running in the trailer of Hitman, so I guess he has a hideout somewhere in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Or that is how I imagine him living.


Also another solution to this “I like 47 to look like he did in X game” thing is to add this feature I suggested some time ago:

Unlock 47’s from previous games ala Batman skins in the Arkham games. :stuck_out_tongue:


They wont give us a f*** silverballer from previous games or a pistol from a beta of the same game and you suggest they give us back old 47 models???


hahaha… not even true old models… I was suggesting they actually make modern interpretations of the old versions of the character.

So it is even MORE work! hahaha.


The Silverballer looks the same. :grin:


and @badeaguard so:



Got the feeling that you’ll have to mod the game in the long run to be able to use the beta pistol at least.


What’s wrong with his suit ffs😂


Here we have 2 pictures. One of old 47, one of new 47. Both with sunglasses. Here we see his face without seeing his eyes, which seem to look the most different. You can see there is also a few differences in his mouth - nose structure.

Here we see the eyes. Way too small, but doesn’t look bad. Can do better.


There is a leaked screenshot of new 47 in the same hippie disguise from Sapienza


Is it possible you could share the pic?


No, cause the web with all the leaks page no longer exists. However, there was a downloadable archive, so someone should have it.