47's Face Part 2


I have it, but couldn’t find the hippy outfit with the new 47


It was on the website, that’s for sure.


Old 47:

New 47:

I think they just used the old picture as a placeholder lol


That’s the one I posted above, but it’s just his old face


I think this thread needs a poll listing the faces from all the games. I’m curious to know the winner. (Plus it could give IO some ideas).

  • What is the ideal look for agent 47? Obviously bald with a suit and barcode but if you could choose one version to have in the series but updated with the better engine, which version would it be? I know it’s ridiculous to think this, but this would be IOI going balls to the wall. What if they make it an option for players to choose which version of 47 (physical) to choose. Everything from absolution’s 47 with the wicked eyebrows, or better yet the cardboard 47 look from codename 47 but in its original form. Personally i want an older and more sinister look to him. Contracts and Blood Money are the ideal versions in my opinion.
    P.S. : One thing that I would really appreciate from IOI is if 47 had a bit more basic human features. In other words things such as eye movement like in Blood Money and not just staring with a blank look on his face like in the new HITMAN.

    1. Codename 47
    1. Hitman 2
    1. Contracts
    1. Blood Money
    1. Absolution
    1. HITMAN

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I think 2016’s face is the best face to start with, at least if you’re looking at it in the right light as I’ve discussed previously. If Io can get him to look like this in all lights, emphasizing those shadows more in harsh lighting, that would be good. I also agree that he needs more expressiveness and eye movement, which he will have in Hitman 2, based on gameplay footage. Focusing the camera behind him, on the back of his head, he looks more lifelike and snakelike than he ever has in my opinion, better than ever before. In the older games, in the gameplay itself (not promo art), he always looks like he belongs in a cartoon, extremely goofy. This is especially true for Absolution (the eyebrows and smirking bother me) and Codename 47 (just…no), and I’m glad they took a more realistic route in 2016. The face looked horrible in the reveal at E3 2015, but now he actually looks like someone who knows what he’s doing.



Those who weren’t on the forum 12+ years ago won’t remember the struggle we had with 47’s face before.


I never knew about that. I knew he was to play 47 in the movie. But not to use his face in game.


For some reason, I was reminded of this. :slight_smile:


I wish we got a face like this when HITMAN was announced in an open letter


It reminded me of his Contracts face (from cutscenes) which I still think is the best one

Actually scratch that,this is the best face :upside_down_face:


Personally i want an older and more sinister look to him.

Like this 55 years old looking guy?


Right but can we make him look a bit older? Maybe have the grimace marks/dimples a little more defined. He looks so much like a supermodel as it stands.


If harsh lighting washes those features and details away again like in 2016, it’s kind of pointless to add them. The ball’s in Io’s court. All I’m saying is the base model and appearance for the face is good as it is right now, and if they are going to make changes again, they should start from there.


I still kinda miss this kind of face


Always thought 47 looked kind of like a bald Sam Fisher in the Contracts/Blood Money promo material.


Same. Personally this is my ideal 47 in terms of presence and body type.


Also massive body type. Like a butcher


as long as he doesn’t look like caillou like he did in the leaked beta for HITMAN season 1, i’m good


I really disliked his look from Season 1. I just can’t bring myself to believe that this vanilla looking young man is the same Agent 47 from previous games. It’s like someone stole his identity, or the ICA decided to quietly replace him with a more inconspicuous fellow to avoid attention.

I would prefer the Absolution version (maybe with slightly toned down eyebrows) or the one from Blood Money. They had tons more personality than this new bland face.